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Volume:  III Issue:  X Of  January,2016
A study on systems thinking and practices (STAP) in Hong Kong as a glocal systems movement
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Role of Modern Education in Re-construction of Islamic Society
Mohammad Allam

Attitude toward Work Participation of the Urban Females: A Study in Dibrugarh District of Assam
Smita Rani Sharma Mahanta, Amarjyoti Mahanta

The Effect of Carbohydrate Drinks on Glucose, Lactate and Functional Test of Men Football Referees
Hossin Zendedeli, Ahmad Hematfar, Naser Behpour

Learning and Teaching Children with ADHD
Ana Majko

Examining the Role of Informatics on the Improvement of Quality of Services and Satisfaction Level among Nurses: A Case Study at Imam Reza Hospital in Kermanshah Province
Seyyedeh Azam Rahimi, Abbas Ghavam, Abbas Yazdanpanah, Iman Ghavamabadi

Performance and Importance of Medical Tourism in Iran: A Cross Sectional Study
Narges Naeimi, Abbas Yazdanpanah, Abbas Ghavam, Mohammad Kazem Rahimi Zarchi

Imagining the Impossible: The Concept of the Unconventional City in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities
Mehmet Akif Balkaya

Optimization of the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer by Application of Immunohistochemistry in the Gezira State, Sudan
Rania M. SidAhmed, Algaili M. Algaili, DaffaAlla O. Abuidris, Ahmed A. Mohammed, Mohammed E. Mohammed

Le début du roman selon Claude Duchet

Beowulf in the Light of Bakhtinian Genre Theory
Merve Aydogdu

Infantile spasms, West Syndrome: Old strategies and new treatment of Infantile Spasms in Children. An overview on the past, present and future.
Viola Gavani

Relational Capital and Organizational Performance: A Study of Selected Banks
S. P. Singh, Priya Singh, Savita Malik

The effect of hemodialysis on the liver enzymes (AST & ALT) in patients with renal failure
Noha Al Jaily Abo Bker, Ahlam Ali Suleiman Babekr, Moawia Ali Yousif Abd Allah

Labor market opportunities and immigration flow
Besmira Lahi

Investigating the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Company Performance in Non-financial Sector of Pakistan
Muhammad Shoukat Malik, Mustabsar Awais, Wateen Iqbal, Tehrim Iqbal, Sehrish Khan

Factors Affecting Organizational Commitment on Shahid Tabatabai Baghmalek Hospital in 2014 Based on Allen and Meyer
Foroozan Alivand, Abbas Yazdanpanah, Abbas Ghavam

The Relationship between Workplace Stress and General Health of Bijar’s Imam Hossein Hospital Personnel (2014)
Zahra Elyaspour, Abbas Ghavam, Abbas Yazdanpanah

Relationship between Leadership Style and the Performance of Nurses in Ilam Medical Sciences Teaching Hospitals (2014)
Shima Ismaili, Abbas Ghavam, Abbas Yazdanpanah, Iman Ghavamabadi

Some Bounds of Rainbow Edge Domination in Graphs
G.Suresh Singh, Hadis Nozarpour

A study on Determinants of Loan Repayment Performance: The case of Sidama Micro Financing Institution, Sidama Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia
Gudata Abara Chali, Zerhun Asefa Ashe, P.A.K. Reddy

Serofrequency of Hepatitis E Virus among Pregnant Ladies Attending Aboguta Hospital, Alhassahisa Provence, Aljazeera State, Sudan
Elgaili Ahmed Alawd Mohamed Nur, Wafa Ibrahim Elhag

Social Workers: From Education to Working Life
Ozan Selcik, Bekir Güzel

Isolation, excystation and in vitro Culture of Giardia-spp from fecal samples of suspected patients in RPMI media
Anas M. Elnazeer, Khitma Hassan Elmalik, Ahmed A. Elshikh

An Analysis of Job Satisfaction amongst the Employee as well as its Impingement on Banking of Janata Bank: Sher-E-Bangla Nagar Corporate Branch
Samira Islam Resmi, Md. Masudul Hassan

Security Awareness of System Users
Senkathir. R, Bushan D. Sudhakar

Growth and trends of Indian IT Professionals in United States of America
Sugundan N., P.G. Arul

Evaluation of Lipid Profile Levels among Patients Complaining from Thyroid disorders at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh
Tarig Karar, Mohamed Abdel Fattah, Alhassan Alkhuraim

Rapid detection of Multi Drug Resistant- Tuberculosis using Line Probe Assay (LPA) in Sudan
Muataz M. Eldirdery, Intisar E. Elrayah, Mona OA. Awad Elkarim, Fatima A. Khalid, Asrar M A/Salam Elegail, Nuha Y. Ibrahim, Eman O M. Nour, Rahma H. Ali, Hamdan M. Hamdan, Nihad M A. Elhaj, Atif A. Elagib

Diagnosing students Spelling problems and presenting rationale solutions at Aljouf University (PYP)
Alshafee Albadawy Mohammed Ahmed

Teaching Chemistry with Analogies: Are Multiple Analogies better than One-Size-Fits-All Analogies?
Uzma Siddiqui

Expression of P16 Tumor Marker in Cervical Cancer among Sudanese Women
Mohammed Ahmad Naser Mustafa, Ageeb Mohammed Hassan

The Environment and Animals: Eco-consciousness in The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh
Shafiqur Rahman

Types of Advertising Based on the Model of Jean-Marie Floch and Their Illustrations through Commercials in Albanian and Their Effect. The Transmission of the Message to the Consumer Focusing on the Three Main Elements Word - Image – Sound
Ela Vasi

Good Governance- Indian Issues and Concerns
Shahla Ayoub

A disparity in the sense of security causes disparity in economic welfare - A case study of conflict hit households in urban Srinagar
Shahla Ayoub

Mechanism of Heat Transfer in Nanofluids
Manzoor Athar

Performance Review of Disinvestment Policy of India: A Study of Post Reform Era
B. S. Khurud, Sandeep Baburao Abhang

BAMA’S KARUKKU: A Quest for Spiritual Salvation in Dalit Emancipation
Debdulal Banerjee

Studies on seasonal variations in four inorganic elements in muscle tissue of Xenentodon cancila (Hamilton-Buchanan 1822) from Mehadrigedda reservoir of Visakhapatnam, India
R. Prabhakara Rao, C. Manjulatha, D. V. S. N. Raju

Correlation and Path Coefficients Analysis of Blackgram (Vigna mungo L)
Md. Rasel Miah, Md. Mahfuzur Rob, Umma Habiba, Krishna Rany Das, Md. Shafiqul Islam

Sexual and Reproductive Health Behaviour of Adolescents - A Survey article
P. Devi

‘African’-‘Harmony’-An Extraordinary Global Challenge: Age of Convincing Cease-fire Theory? The Causes of Africa Unreliability, Burden, Shocking Hangover and Uncertainties, ‘Technological Underdevelopment’

Applicability of IFRS for SMEs in Kosovo
Agim Kastrati

Iranian EFL Students’ Attitudes to the Techniques Used for Teaching English Grammar
Mozhgan Azimi

Prospects of the development of Electric Power Generation in Sudan and Proposals of its Advancement in the Future
Abd Allah Mokhtar Mohammed Abd Allah, Mohammed Eltayeb Mansour, Tawfig Ahmed Jamaleldeen

The Role of Teaching Literature in Developing the Oral Skill of Secondary School Students
Sheikheldin Abdallah Ahmed, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Theoretical study of Bromine substituent effects in ortho-, meta- and para- positions of acetophenone on electronic - structural properties and IR spectrum via density functional theory
Khulood Obaid Kzar

Comparative Evaluation of ICT and ELISA for Detection of Syphilis among Blood Donors
Hasab-Elrasoul Khalid, Mohammed Nafi

Hepatitis B Core Antibody Testing among Blood Donors in Khartoum- Sudan
Saadya Ali Mahgoub Elhussain, Huda Ali, Wafa Ibrahim Elhag

Analyzing the Stability of Washita Riverbanks near a Bridge
Abdul-Sahib T. Al-Madhhachi

Association of Plasma Lipid profile and HbA1c among Saudi Patients with Coronary Heart Diseases, at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh
Tarig Karar

Patterns of pulmonary fibrosis in Northern Saudi Arabia
Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed, Thamer Awadh S. Alanazi, Gamal Eldin Mohamed Osman Elhussein, Hussam Ali A. Anazi, Abdulaziz Fahad A. Alfaraj, Fahad Mubarak F. Alshammari, Sulaiman Mulfi Saad Alshammari, Kheder Mohamed Altayep

Analysis of Landscape Teaching in the Educational Programme in the Tunisian Primary Schools
Fersi Feten, Abdelmajid Naceur, Hichem Rejeb

What Can We Learn from a Study?
Adem Akkus, Zafer Ocak, Hatice Turkoz, Abdulkadir Yoruk

3D Printing and Titanium Alloys: A Paper Review
Md Manjurul Ahsan

Educational Backwardness of Indian Muslims: Causes and Solutions
Anis Jahan, Firoz Ahmad

Cellular Patterns of Sudanese Thyroid Lumps in Papanicolaou and Feulgen Stained Fine Needle Aspirates
Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed, Abdal Hafeez Osman Mahmoud, Ebtihaj Babeker Almajeedi, Fawaz D Alshammari, Rashid Awad Abdallah Salih, Ibrahim Abdelmageed Ginawi

A Pragma-Rhetoric Analysis of Persuasion
Jinan Ahmed Khaleel, Nawal Mahmood Abed

Relationship between Bank Stock Returns and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Banking Sector in Pakistan
Muhammad Shoukat Malik, Muhammad Irfan, Minahil Khaliq

Effect of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin on Hematological Parameters among Patients complaining from Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) - Jeddah KSA
Moutasem Abdulgader Badi, Malik Hassan Ibrahim, Khalda Mergani Hamza, Abu Elgasim Abass Awad Elkareem, Tarig Karar, Faisal Almajed

Preliminary Studies on Egg Parasitoids of Cotton Jassid Amrasca Biguttula Biguttula (Ishida)
Riaz Mahmood, Ashfaque Ahmed Nahiyoon, Hakim Ali Sahito, Irfan-Ul Haq

Effect of Pesticide Residues on Soil Arthropods in Okra Crop
Zahid Usman Shar, Maqsood Anwar Rustamani, Shafi Muhammad Nizamani, Muhammad Usman Shar, Tahmina Shar

Metaphorical Expressions in Contemporary English Poetry: A Syntactic Analysis of Some Selected Poems
Rayda Osman Mohammed Taha, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Blending Functions and Structures to Enhance Metacognitive Strategies
Rayda Osman Mohammed Taha, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Using of Mobile Technology in Education: Theoretical Study
Yousif Elshafie Hashim

Evaluation of Malaria Diagnostic Methods in Medical Military Hospital, Khartoum State, Sudan
Suha Elhaj Suliman Hamza, Tayseer Elamin Mohamed Elfaki, Ahmed Bakheet Abd Alla

The Gender Aspect of Climate Change in Bangladesh: An Overview
Khandakar Josia Nishat

An Economic Analysis of Djibouti - Ethiopia Railway Project
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

Endosulfan Induced Changes in Ascorbic Acid Content of the Liver of Heteropneustes fossilis
Keerty Shrivastava

Impact of IPM and Traditional Practices on Okra Plant, Sucking Complex and Beneficial Insects
Ashfaque Ahmed Nahiyoon, Riaz Mahmood, Abdul Ghani Lanjar, Muhammad Mithal Jiskani, Muhammad Ismail Bhatti

Is perception influenced by educational background: A comparative Study of Pre-Service teachers’ Perceptions on Art Education
Neelam Singh

Laboratory evaluation of the entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium ansiopliae against adults of Dacus ciliatus
Bassim Shehab Hamad, Mohammed J. Hanawi, Mohammed Khalaf Abdulkareem, Akmam Ali Habbeb

Estimation of PT and PTT in CKD Patients: Comparison Study between ESRD and Other Stages of CKD in Sudanese Patients: January -2016
Dakeen Khaleifa Edam Hassan, Enaam A/Raman A/Elgader, Rashed Elleder, Ahmed S. Adam, Ameen A/Elazez

Cognitive side of the available scientific facts of the technical equipment and the extent of benefit
Ameer Musa Abas, Basem Samy Shheed, Haider Tawfeeq Salih

A Review on Biotransformational Studies of ß-Artemether
Azizuddin, Muhammad Iqbal

Ethical Apprehensions Correlated to Genetically Modified Plants: A Philosophical Brief
Kamran Iqbal Shinwari, Abid Ullah Shah, Haziq Hussain, Muhammad Irfan Afridi, Zeeshan Haider, Zeeshan Qureshi, Saad Salman, Owais Ahmad, Muhammad Jamil

Estimation of radon and uranium concentrations in some selected wells water in Salahuddin province, Iraq
Fareed Majeed Mohammed, Rajaa S. Najim, Yasir K. Mohammad

Isolation and identification of the phenolic compounds from Pulicaria inuloides and their antibacterial and antioxidant activities
Nabil Qaid M. Al-Hajj, Algabr Methaq, Husnain Raza, Khamis Ali Omar, A. Al-Farga, Hongxin Wang, Riyadh Thabit

The Role of Cytokeratin 5/6 in Differential Diagnosis of Prostate Tumors
Abu Elgasim Abass Awad Elkareem, Nada Nogod Awad Fadul

Management Information System - Essential System on Augmentation of Business Performance
Afërdita Qekaj-Thaqi

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