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Volume:  III Issue:  XI Of  February,2016
Exploring the space notion in Housing Imagination with Hong Kong parallel trading as an illustrative case study
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Investigating Grammatical Cohesive Devices in O. Henry's The Last Leaf and A Bird of Baghdad for Children and Adults
Jinan Ahmed Khaleel, Suad Yaseen Khalaf

Financial reporting based on IFRS and tax based reporting
Agim Kastrati

The Relationship between Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and Semen Parameters in Infertile Sudanese Cigarette Smokers
Salah Eldin Omar Hussein, Kamal Eldin Hussein Elhassan, Shamsoun Khamis Kafi

Error Analysis: A Study on Grammatical Errors in the Writings of Iraqi EFL Learners
Mohanad Qasim Mohammed

Detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae in Khartoum State Hospitals: A cross-sectional Study
Ali Fadhil Kadhum, Hanan E. Babikir, Humodi A. Saeed

Immunohistochemical Expression of Cytokeratin 20 in Colorectal Cancer
Abu Elgasim Abass Awad Elkareem, Salma Osman Mohammed

Effect of Computer Based Multimedia Teaching on Achievement in Biology
Sanjoy Bhuyan, Sweta Malani

A Prospective Clinical Evaluation of Laparoscopic Repair of Incisional Herniae
Waseem Jan Shah, Lubna Rashid Gilkar, Mohd Dilawar Mir

Assessment of Oral Epithelium Cytomorphological Changes among Water Pipe Smokers
Ahmed Abdalla Agabeldour, Mohmmed Ibrahim Mohmed, Rashid Awad Abdallah Salih, Ahmed Abdulrahman Aljadoa, Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

Attitudes of Parents and Children towards Multilingualism: A Case Study of Faisalabad
Mahreen Shakoor

Unveiling the True Meanings: A Semiotic Analysis of two TIME magazine covers
Mahreen Shakoor

Evaluation of Hematological Parameters and Iron Status among Renal Failure Patients Attending Ribat National Hospital – Khartoum, Sudan
Mohieldein Abass Abdalla Elsayid, Abu Elgasim Abass Awad Elkareem, Tarig Karar, Wafa Abd Araheem Hassan Saad

A Semantic Analysis of An Ode to Death: A Poem By Daud Kamal
Madiha Sarwar

Reclamation of Wasteland in Sonitpur District, Assam
Prasenjit Das

Enhancing Learning throughout Technology: Case of Teaching English to Scientific Students throughout Skype
Ali Zenagui, Mohammed Dib

Utility of keratinization and Mean NOR as Neoplastic Proliferative predictors of oral mucosal alterations related to carcinogenic exposure
Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed, Hussien Hamid Mohammed Hamid, Abdal-Hafeez Osman Mahmoud, Gamal Eldin Mohamed Osman Elhussein

HER-2/Neu over-expression in invasive Bladder Cancer in Sudanese Patients
Ebada Mahdi Osman, Elsadig A. Adam, Nada Salih

Role of Vegetables in the Transmission of Intestinal Parasites in Khartoum Central Market, Khartoum State, Sudan
Ibrahim Mustafa Ibrahim Mukhtar, Tayseer Elamin Mohamed Elfaki, Ahmed Bakheet Abd Alla, Mohammed Baha Eldin Ahmed Saad

A Study of Socio-Economic Status and Emotional Intelligence among Madrasa and Islamic School students towards Inclusive Development
Fouzia Khanam, Nikhat

India’s Emerging Economic Footprint in Central Asian Republics
Dilip Kumar Maurya

Terrorist Attack in France: A Lesson to India
Raghvendra Pratap Singh

Indo-Russian Economic Cooperation
Abhishek Kumar Rahul

Western Notion of Polytheism
Shikha Srivastava

Investigation into English and Arabic Exist and Non-exist Vowel Sounds which Cause Problems to some University EFL Students in Khartoum State
Ibrahim Abdalla Ahmed Abker, Abdalla Yassin Abdalla

Some Causes behind the Weakness of Pronouncing Certain English Consonant Sounds of some EFL University Students in Khartoum State
Ibrahim Abdalla Ahmed Abker, Abdalla Yassin Abdalla

In vitro, optimization of antibacterial activity of secondary metabolites produced by endophytic fungus Stemphylium radicinum in Iraq
Rashid Rahim Hateet Alatwani

Assessment of Interleukin 6, High Sensitive C - reactive Protein and Lipid Profile Levels among Sudanese with Type2 Diabetes Mellitus
Mohamed A. M. Salih, Yassir B. F. Basher, Mona O. Ahmed, Tagwa A. M. Salih, Mamoun M. Elmanna

Kosovo Fiscal System and Policy under the UNMIK Administration until the Formation of State of Kosovo
Simeana Beshi, Safet Krasniqi

Media Use and Information Needs of Urban Farmer: A case study of Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Thailand
Adipon Euajarusphan

Security Issues in Cloud Computing - Overview
Arianit Krypa, Anni Dasho, Arbër Krypa

A comparative study in psychological burning among football referees and football referees of first class halls in southern zone
Haider Shamkhi Jabbar, Saleh Chuaied Hilaiel, Ahmed Sa'ad Abdul Razak

Effectiveness of Interventional Program based on Trans-Theoretical Model to Promote Regular Physical Activity in children with hypertension and diabetes patients
Karami Darenjani Sadeq, Abbas Yazdanpanah, Erfan Kharazmi

Expression of CD34 in Gastric Tumors among Sudanese Patients using Immunohistochemisty
Tarig Awad Elshareef Mohammed, Ageeb Mohammed Hassan, Mahmoud Ibrahim Osman, Ibrahim Bakhit Yousif Elemam

Study of Platelet Count and Indices in Smokers and Ex-smokers
Ali Elfadil Elhajfadol Mohammed, Mohanad Altayeb Mohamed Ahmed, Ibrahim Khider Ibrahim, Elshazali Widaa Ali

Political Upheaval and Communal Frenzy as Witnessed in Kushwant Singh’s Partition Narrative Train to Pakistan
Imrul Kayes Alam Sarkar

Digital Internet Resources for Engineering
Mool Raj

An Overview of Business Planning of Multinationals: Case Study of Fire-Starters
Lubna Ahsan, Syed Shahab Uddin, Ghazala Khawaja

Description of new characterized specie Microthespis oderai (Rivetinae, Mantidae Mantodea) from Sindh Province of Pakistan
Jawaid A. Khokhar, Naheed. M. Soomro, Tahira Jabeen Ursani, Samina Malik, N. Tarique Narejo, Khalid Hussain Dhiloo

Damaging effects of different Ectoparasites with comparison on the Carp fish (Cyprinus Carpio) of Hatchery Badin Sindh-Pakistan
Ali Mardan Khan Jakhrani, Tahira Jabeen Ursani, Khalid Hussain Dhiloo, Samina Malik, Javed Iqbal Chandio, Naeem Tarique Narejo

Description of newly identified spider Eusparassus naheedae (Family: Sparassidae; Order: Araneae) on rice crop at K. N Shah District Dadu, Sindh-Pakistan
Asif Raza Soomro, Tahira Jabeen Ursani, Khalid Hussain Dhiloo, Samina.Malik, Jawaid A. Khokhar, Javed Iqbal Chandio

Use of Chrysoperla Carnea Larvae as an IPM strategy against Jassid, Amrasca devastans Dist. and Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) in Okra crop
Khalid Hussain Dhiloo, Maqsood Anwar Rustamani, Syed Rizwan, Tahira Jabeen Ursani, Javed Iqbal Chandio, M.N Sidhoo

Efficacy of different neem oil concentrations against jassid on eggplant under field conditions
Khalid Hussain Dhiloo, Yong-Jun Zhang, Syed Rizwan, Tahira Jabeen Ursani, Javed Iqbal Chandio, M.N Sidhoo

Social factors influencing the accessibility of the National Development Fund by Persons with Disability in Eldoret West District, Uasin-Gishu County, Kenya
Margaret Njeri Ngugi, Paul Sutter Chebet, Phillip Kipkemboi Rono

Construction Dispute Avoidance and Profit-Sharing Construction Contracts
Shadi Daigham Qusus

Bail as a Strenghening Tool for Contracts
Sevdai Morina, Skender Gojani

Effect of Intervention on Existing Knowledge of Consumers about Consumer Education
Anita Gautam, Neetu Singh

Global climate change and its impact on the productivity of Muga silkworm (Antheraea assamensis Helfer) in Assam (India)
Biswajit Sarmah

Epidemiology of Road Traffic Accidents in Sudan
Abeer Hassan Ahmed, Abdal-Hafeez Osman Mahmoud, Abdalelah Mohammed Alhassan, Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

Expression of Survivin in Colorectal Tumors
Hassn Mahjoub Mohamed Alrofaey, Abu Elgasim Abass Awad Elkareem, Babikir Ishag Mohamed Fadul, Nada Salih Salih Osman

Performance of fifteen rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars in relation to early seedling growth traits against NaCl salinized water
Shahida Parveen, Allah Wadhayo Gandahi, Nazia Rais, Mujeeb Rahman Soomro, Mahmooda Buriro

The Role of Financial Statements in the Management of Reporting Companies
Gheorghe Lepadatu

Disaggregated Financial-Accounting Information for Users (Concrete Measures for Improving International Financial Reporting)
Gheorghe Lepadatu

The Expression Pattern of Oct4 Stem Cell Marker in Thyroid Cancers among Sudanese Patients
Mudather Elnoor Younis Mohamed

Raising the Productivity of the Natural Hayfields in the North Part of the Lesser Caucasus
H. A. Aslanov, Z. I. Tagiyeva

Effect of sowing period, planting scheme and fertilizers to the structure elements of the soybean in the condition of west region of Azerbaijan
H. A. Aslanov, A. A. Aliyeva

Specific Features of Transference of Speech in the Languages of Different Systems
Leyla Asadova

Analytical Method Development and Validation of Multicomponent Mucolytic Action in Pharmaceutical Formulation by Using HPLC Techniques
Ali Naser Nayef

Cost and Revenue of Apple Production in District Killa Saifullah of Balochistan
Mansoor Rasheed, Atta Muhammad, Amjad Ali, Muhammad Saleem, Ajmal Khan

Cost and Revenue of Date Production in District Kech of Balohistan
Atta Muhammad, Mansoor Rasheed, Ikhlaq Ahmed, Tahira Nisa, Muhammad Saleem, Rahmatullah

Cost and Revenue of Wheat Production in District Musakhail of Balochistan
Atta Muhammad, Mansoor Rasheed, Muhammad Aslam Khan Niazi, Tahira Nisa, Sikander Shahzad

Deploying a Computational Competitive Intelligence (CI) Framework for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management Decision-Making
Percy Okae, Amos David

Acute and Chronic Stress Response in Japanese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica) Supplemented with Dietary Methionine and DL-2-Hydroxy-4-(Methylthio)-Butanoic Acid on the Performance and Blood Chemistry
Alhassan Usman Bello, Jelilat Aderonke Sulaiman

A comparative study of people with fragile bone in the lumbar (1_5) at the practices of other sports activities ages (35_45) years in the southern region
Ahmed Atshan Abd Al Raza, Mohammed Hasan Tuaimah, Abbas Mohsin Oleiwi

State of Physical Mobility of Old Age People in Haryana - A Case Study
Lubna Siddiqui

Development of a psychometrically sound Scale of Attitude towards E-Learning: A Preliminary Step
Uzma Siddiqui

Effectiveness of Animation-based and Analogy-based instructions on Tenth-Grade Students’ Achievement in Chemistry: A Comparative Study
Uzma Siddiqui

Exploring Reading Habits of the Residents of Timergara, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa: Uses and Gratification Theory
Zakir Shah, Majid ul Ghafar

Postmodernism in Urdu Fiction
Syed Afroz Ashrafi

Feminist discourse in Hindi Fiction
Syed Afroz Ashrafi

Affects of Corporate Culture on Higher Education: A Review
Anshu Sharma, Kamal Kishore Pandey

Creatinine Concentration in Preeclamptic and Eclamptic Women: a cross sectional study in a tertiary hospital
Biva Rani Mondal, Masud Parvez, Debatosh Paul, Tuhin Sultana, Md Saiful Islam, Mesbah Uddin Ahmed, A.N. Nashimuddin Ahmed

Crane’s Vision of humanity in Red Badge of Courage
Syed Afroz Ashrafi

Darkness as succour in An Outpost of Progress
Syed Afroz Ashrafi

Efficiency of Banking on Non-Banking Finance Companies in India using New Technologies
Shweta Singh, Anuj Pratap Singh, Sharad Tiwari

Revelation of Materialistic Activities in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger
Ashok K. Saini

Establishment of rapid propagation cultures of Agrobacterium rhizogenes – mediated transgenic hairy roots in sugarbeet
Al. Nema Q.S., Al. Mallah M.K.

Motivation of Human Resources as a challenge in effective decision making in SMEs in Kosovo
Aziz Rexhepi

China’s Growing Influence in Nepal
Raghvendra Pratap Singh

The Attributes of God’s Omni
Sikha Srivastava

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