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Volume:  III Issue:  XII Of  March,2016
Exploring Reading Habits of the Residents of Timergara, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa: Uses and Gratification Theory
Zakir Shah, Majid ul Ghafar

Postmodernism in Urdu Fiction
Syed Afroz Ashrafi

Feminist discourse in Hindi Fiction
Syed Afroz Ashrafi

Affects of Corporate Culture on Higher Education: A Review
Anshu Sharma, Kamal Kishore Pandey

Creatinine Concentration in Preeclamptic and Eclamptic Women: a cross sectional study in a tertiary hospital
Biva Rani Mondal, Masud Parvez, Debatosh Paul, Tuhin Sultana, Md Saiful Islam, Mesbah Uddin Ahmed, A.N. Nashimuddin Ahmed

Crane’s Vision of humanity in Red Badge of Courage
Syed Afroz Ashrafi

Darkness as succour in An Outpost of Progress
Syed Afroz Ashrafi

Efficiency of Banking on Non-Banking Finance Companies in India using New Technologies
Shweta Singh, Anuj Pratap Singh, Sharad Tiwari

Revelation of Materialistic Activities in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger
Ashok K. Saini

Establishment of rapid propagation cultures of Agrobacterium rhizogenes – mediated transgenic hairy roots in sugarbeet
Al. Nema Q.S., Al. Mallah M.K.

Motivation of Human Resources as a challenge in effective decision making in SMEs in Kosovo
Aziz Rexhepi

China’s Growing Influence in Nepal
Raghvendra Pratap Singh

The Attributes of God’s Omni
Sikha Srivastava

Toni Morison’s Double Discrimination in the Bluest Eye in Comparison with Bama’s Doubly Oppressed in Sangati
A. Greeni, P. Thatchanamoorthy

Labour Force Participation in Economic Development: Coffee in Rwanda
Ruturwa S. Daniel

Investigating the Role of Grammatical Errors Encountered by Secondary School Students in Writing Composition
Yahya Abdallha Adow, Hassan Mahill Abdallah Hassan

Investigating the Role of Grammatical Constructions Encountered by Secondary School Students in Writing Composition
Yahya Abdallha Adow, Hassan Mahill Abdallah Hassan

Understanding the Entrepreneurship through Knowledge Spillover: A Critical Reflection
Masood-ul-Hassan, Tehrim Iqbal

Growth and Yield of Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) as Influenced by Nutrient Management
Zannatul Firdaus Binte Habib, Ismail Hossain, H. E. M. Khairul Mazed, Tania Sultana, Abdul Halim

Biological activities importance of Tetrazole derivatives
Jalal Hasan Mohammed

Seasonal Changes in Physico-Chemical Characteristics of the Water of Gosthani Estuary in Visakhapatnam District-Andhra Pradesh, India
S. Sobha Rani

Pakistan’s Relations with Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan: Recognising Internal Self-Determination- A Way Forward
Javaid Hayat

Stability Study for Captopril 25mg Tablets
Awab W. Younus, Ghadah Sh. Yahya

Transformation of ICT in Research and Development Libraries in Chennai
A. Janakiraman, Karthick Radhakrishnan, N. Subramanian

Detection of Fungal and Parasitic Infection in the Product of Conception in Khartoum State
Sara Salih Musa Bakheit, Abu Elgasim Abass Awad Elkareem

Lipid Profile in Sudanese Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Prospective Case-Control Study Conducted at Gezira State, Central Sudan
Yousif E/Hameed Mohammed, Mohammed Elsanousi Mohammed, Khalid E. Khalid, Khalid Abdelsamea Mohamedahmed

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Idea of Nationalism and His Role in Making India a United Nation

The effect of Alcoholic extract of Aloe vera leaves on the level of glucose sugar and some biochemical components in the blood of rabbits
Jabbar T. A., Al-Ali, Abdul Wahab Abdul Razak Sultan, Iqbal I. S. Al-Hassani, Narjus Faris

India’s Contribution in United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
Arief Hussain Ganaie

Economic Effect of Growth Enhancement Scheme (GES) On Ofada Rice Production in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area, Ogun State
Z. O. Oluwafemi, S. A. Amao, T. A. Adeagbo, T. O. Ogunsola, L. O. Otun

Malaria Infection and its Relation to ABO Blood Grouping in Khartoum, Singa and Al Genaid, Sudan
Ahmed Bakheet Abd Alla, Tayseer Elamin Mohamed Elfaki, Asha Abbas Elsadig, Mohammed Baha Eldin Ahmed Saad

An Android Application to solve the shortest path problem using Google Services and Dijkstra's Algorithm
Laurik Helshani

Barriers of Online Shopping in Developing Countries: Case Study of Saudi Arabia
Aftab Alam, Omair Mujahid Malik, Noor Ul Hadi, Kamisan Gaadar

Scientific Approach on the Antimicrobial Potentials of Bioactive Phytochemicals of Trema Orientalis Leaves and Stalk
Akin-Osanaiye B.C., Gabriel A.F., Omoniyi A.O., Ezeani S.C.

Incidence of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) in Northern Saudi Arabia
Sharafeldin Mohammed Alhassan, Mohammed Salem Alharbi, Rakan Mosa Saleh Algorinees, Abdullah Abdulaziz Alghuraymil, Mohammed Albdulaziz Brahim Alsaif, Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

HRM Practices and Empoyees’ Rentention: The Moderating Role of Work Environment
Palwasha Bibi, Faizuniah Binti Pangil, Johanim Binti Johari

The Formulation of Rented Flat Housing (Rusun) Policy on Medan Regional Planning - Indonesia
Raflis, Suwardi Lubis, Rujiman, Dwira Nirfalini Aulia

Interventions on Teacher’s Factors for Children with ADHD in the Classroom
Ana Majko

A Contrastive Study of Grammar Translation Method and Direct Method at High Secondary School Level In Pakistan
Sana Mansoor, Nizakat Ali, Abdul Bari Khan, Fazilit Bibi, Shakeel Ahmed

Human Papilloma Virus as Risk Factor for Non-melanoma Skin Cancer in Khartoum State-Sudan
Mohammed Siddig Abdelaziz, Manhal Osman Ahmed Elbaraka

Analysis of Poverty Level Among Gari Marketers in Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone, Oyo State, Nigeria
Oladiran, J.O.

Financial performance of food processing industries of Assam
Sanjib Dutta, Simismita Borah

Some physical and physiological variables relationship accurately skill transmitter in tennis
Emad Kadhim Thajeel

A Study of the Direct Relation between English Language and Professional Success in India with Special Reference to the Role of Language Lab in the Teaching of English
Mallika Tripathi

Global Governance, India and the EU: Challenges
Uday Pratap Singh

Capital Structure Payoff: An Analysis of the Non-Financial Sectors of Pakistan
Muhammad Shaukat Malik, Mustabsar Awais, Amina Qaisar

An elaboration on the space-place-home (sph) matrix for exploring housing-related problem-situations
Joseph Kim-keung Ho

Language Anxiety vs. ELT Environment in Uttar Pradesh, India
Asha Choubey

The effect of home ground in the prevalence of toxoplasmosis among group of seropositive Sudanese females, Khartoum
Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed, Hassan Kamal Hassan, Ahmed Mustafa Bashir, Mohammed Madani Eltayeb

Human Rights Violations in Kashmir: A Need to Re-look the Indian Counter Insurgency Strategies
Waseem Ahmad Dar

Adoption of E-Learning in Higher Education: Expansion of UTAUT Model
Andy Ohemeng Asare, Shao Yun-Fei, Kenneth Wilson Adjei-Budu

Human trafficking and criminality of minors in Kosovo
Shefqet Mulliqi, Shemsi Morina

India’s Energy Policy Objectives: An Overview
Kishor Jose, Parvathi K. Iyer

Energy and Environment: Beyond Fossil Fuels Issues
Kishor Jose, Parvathi K. Iyer

Depiction of Personal Power through Language in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Mac Steffi, Joshi Paresh

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