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Volume:  IV Issue:  I Of  April,2016
The significance of learning styles for Pedagogical efficacy
Saleh Ahmed Saif Abdulmughni

Seeking New Worlds: Moll Flanders
Mehar Fatima

Margatoxin (MgTX) and Its Effect on Immune Response and Disease Development
Salauddin Al Azad, Sayeed Shahriyar, Kanak Jyoti Mondal

Holy Quran and the Pursuit of Higher Learning: A Study into the Context of Islamic World
Mohammad Allam

An Experimental Study of Solar Tunnel Dryer for Drying Onion Slices (ALLIUM CEPA, L.)
Ashok Kumar, S. C. Moses, Kalay Khan, Avdesh Kumar

Evaluation of Serum Copper and Chromium among Sudanese Patients with Gallstones
Maida Mohamed Ahmed Alemam, Mohammed Abbas Alawad, Amna O. M. Elzein, Nassr Eldin M. A. Shrif

An Artificial Neural Network Modelling Approach for Development of QSAR Model for Anticancer Activity of Gossypol Acetic Acid against Anticancer Target BCL2
Varun Kumar Kashyap, Rajeev Pandey, Rajiv Saksena, Feroz Khan

Factors which influence customers towards service providers in Telecom Industry
Varun Kumar Kashyap, Aparna Kushwaha

Study of serum levels of Melatonin, Paraoxonase, Oxidative stress in Iraqi patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Entedhar Rifaat Sarhat, Thuraia R. Sarhat, Dina N. Tawfeeq

Organoleptic Indicators of the Honey Produced by Bees (Apis Melliferal.) in the Swarms in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Condition
Elsever Asadov

Child Care Issues, Parenting Style and Youth Development in Keffi
Francis A. Akwash

Efficent management of time as an improvement factor of performance
Muhamet Kelmendi

Marketing planning in microfinance institutions in Kosovo
Enver Daci

Evaluation of Different Insecticides against Sucking Insect Pest on Sunflower Crop
Babar Hussain Chang, Abdul Ghani Lanjar, Abdul Waheed Solangi, Ammara Rajput, Mehar Ul Nissa Rais, Nazia Rais

Efficacy of some local isolates of Beauveria bassiana(Bals.) and Metarhizium anisopliae (Met.) in controlling of cucurbit fruit fly Dacus ciliatus
Mohammed J. Hanawi, Bassim Shehab Hamad, Akmam Ali Habbeb

Evaluating the Financial Performance of Leading Islamic Banks of Pakistan: An Intra Bank Comparison
Hassan Ahmad, Zahid Iqbal, Tariq Siddiq

Isolation, Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of Bacteria in Patients with Eye Infection in Khartoum State, Sudan
Salah K. A. Alrwa, Abeer Elsawi Mozamel Abayazeid, Marwa Hussein Ali Edris, Tayseer Elamin Mohamed Elfaki, Ahmed Bakheet Abd Alla, Isam Eldin Elsiddig Babikir

Immunohistochemical expression of Cytokeratin 17 in Histological section of Sudanese Female with breast Cancer
Naglaa Ibrahim M. Yousif, Elsadig A. Adam, Hamid Seidna Hamid, Nada Salih Salih

Students’ Errors in Solving Problem: A Case Study based on the Concept “Didactical Contract”
Nguyen Phu Loc, Bui Phuong Uyen

Impact of Capital Structure on Firm Performance: Moderating role of Corporate Governance
Muhammad Shaukat Malik, Laila Naz

Seismic Retrofitting of Central Market of the Berat
Enkeleda Kokona, Helidon Kokona, Hektor Cullufi

Learners’ Beliefs of the Role of Grammar in EFL Learning
Enriketa Sogutlu, Miranda Veliaj-Ostrosi

Further Study on Luo Shu by Linear Algebra
Albert So, Eric Lee

Assessment of Climate Change Impact and Vulnerability to Climate Change among Livestock holder in Chitwan District, Nepal
Surya Mani Dhungana

Interaction and communication in schools
Lulzime Lutfiu Kadriu, Vehbi Kadriu, Valbona Habili Sauku

Impact of organizational support on the innovative performance of organizations
Shoukat Malik, Fatima Asif

Knowledge Management Approach and a Framework for Sharing and Acquisition of Indigenous Knowledge of Traditional Healthcare Practices: the Case of Horro Guduru Wollega Zone, Ethiopia
Hambisa Mitiku, Worku Jimma, Chala Diriba

Is melatonin's sleep related deficiency associated responsible of static diseases including cancer?
Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed, Abduelelah Gazi Alharbi, Eid Fahad Alhabeeb, Fawaz Sulaiman Ayed Alshammari, Fahad Mohammed Anazi, Abdulrahman Ayed J Alshammari

Comparative Study of Selected War Poems by Wilfred Owen and the Iraqi Poet Adnan Al-Sayegh: A Psychological Approach
Hana Khlaif Ghena, Sura Hussein Mohammed Ali

The Image of Woman in Tawfiq Al-Hakim's Scheherazade
Abdulmalik Nagi Hussein

Moving Beyond the Confines: A Reading of Divakaruni’s Oleander Girl
Aparupa Mookherjee

Big Five Personality Factors and Happiness
Saurabh Chavan, C. O. Badgujar

Urban Environmental Challenges and Management in India (A study on Visakhapatnam smart city)
Suma S., Balaram P.S., Karuna K., Subhakumar Ch.

Arbindonean School of Poetry
Satya Nath Pegu

Power Rationing: A Lethal Phenomenon Culminating the Dwindling Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises in Moshi Town Tanzania
Alban Mchopa

Fibrinogen level in Sudanese diabetic patients with macro and micro vascular complication
Mohamed Abdulgader Ali Altraifi, Alya Ahmed Salman

China’s Jurisdiction over International Law Matters
Ghazaryan Vahe, Liu Sun

The Legacy of Armenian Genocide and the False Promise of International Institutions
Ghazaryan Vahe, Liu Sun

Role of Quality Enhancement Cells in Uplifting of Higher Education: A Case Study of Public Sector Universities of Punjab
Muhammad Shaukat Malik, Faria Shafi

Study on Impact of Social Networks on Family Values Using Fuzzy Relational Mapping (FRM)
J. Maria Roy Felix, J. Blessy Florence, S. John Kaviarasu

Optimization of Trehalose Production from Maltose Using a Recombinant Trehalose Synthase (TreS) Enzyme from Acidiplasma sp. MBA-1
Md. Azmain Al Faik, Sun Weiqin, Bo Jiang, Wanmeng Mu, Hinawi A. M. Hassanin

Open Web Based e-Learning
Mool Raj

A Facebook-based survey on workplace bullying perceptions in Hong Kong
Joseph Kim-keung Ho

The impacts of Benzisoxazole Derivative NS5 compound on Pro-apoptotic and Anti-angiogenic activities
Shirin Shoja Chaghervand

Obstacles of Convention on International Sale of Goods 1980 (CISG) in the Promotion of International Trade
Omolsalameh Pakuhinezhad

On Artin cokernel of the Group (Q2m×C5) where m=p1.p2, g.c.d(p1, p2)=1 ,p1, p2< 2 and p1, p2 are primes numbers
Naserr Rasool Mahmood, Salah Hsaaoun Jihadi

On Artin cokernel of The Group(Q2m×C5) Where m=p1^(s1 ).p2^(s2 ),p1, p2>2, g.c.d(p1, p2)=1, p1, p2 are primes numbers and s1, s2 are a positive integers numbers
Naserr Rasool Mahmood, Salah Hsaaoun Jihadi

Accounting and Accountability of Non Governmental Organization - NGOs in Kosovo
Ymer Shatri

Fuzzy Translation and fuzzy multiplication of Q-algebras
Areej Tawfeeq Hameed, Narjes Zuhair Mohammed

Feminist activism of continuity and change in Arundhati Roy’s ‘The God of Small Things’
Hemangi Bhagwat

A Study on Occupational Stress among Teachers in Self Financing Engineering Colleges in Anna University-Region III
M. Valan Rajkumar, T. Meharajan, R. Ilangovan

Enhancement of Systemic Acquired Resistance in Lycopersicon esculentum L. against Tobacco Mosaic Virus by Salicylic Acid
Basim Hasan Khedhair

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