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Volume:  IV Issue:  II Of  May,2016
Modern Leaf Colour Chart Successfully Prepared and Used in Crop Production of Sindh, Pakistan
Shah Jahan Leghari, Umed Ali Leghari, Mahmooda Buriro, Ghulam Mustafa Laghari, Farooque Ahmed Soomro, Maqsood Ahmed Khaskheli, Syed Sadam Hussain

Evaluation of Malaria Diagnosis in Dongola City Laboratories, Northern State, Sudan
Marwa Abd El-Monim Merghni, Tayseer Elamin Mohamed Elfaki, Ahmed Bakheet Abd Alla, Asha Abbas Elsadig, Mohammed Baha Eldin Ahmed Saad

Fakir Mohan Senapati’s “Rebati”: The Modern Day Malala
Ramesh Chandra Adhikari

Development and Standardization of Rationality Test
Girish Kumar Tiwari, S. B. Bhattacharya

Clone code detector using Boyer–Moore string search algorithm integrated with ontology editor
Syed Mohd Fazalul Haque, V Srikanth, E. Sreenivasa Reddy

Factors Affecting Cost Performance due to Construction Delays in Projects at Dindigul and Madurai Districts
R. Ilangovan, K. Binith Muthukrishnan, M .Valan Rajkumar, A. Velanganni Joseph

Streptococcus pneumoniae in patients with community- acquired pneumonia in Khartoum State: A cross-sectional Study
Nasr Mohamed Nasr, Hanan E. Babikir, Humodi A. Saeed

Clinical, metabolic, radiological and electroencephalographic abnormalities in patients with seizure disorder –A Hospital Based Study in Kashmir Valley
Sabreena Qadri, Touseef Ahmad Mir, Aadil Ashraf, Mohmad Asif Jan, Ummer Jalali, Sajad Ul Islam Mir

Immunohistochmical Expression of Cyclin D1 Protein in Sudanese patients with thyroid cancer
Khloud Osman Badwi Mohammed, Elsadig A. Adam, Nada Salih

Immunohistochemical Expression of VEGF in Gastric Tumors
Azza Ala Eldin Mirghani, Ageeb Mohammed Hassan, Nada Saleh

Iron Profile in Cobalamin Deficiency: a prospective single centre based study
Md. Abdul Aziz, Shafiqul Islam, Farzana Rahman, Amin Lutful Kabir, Mesbha Uddin Ahmed, Masuda Begum

Categorical states of Autism by using ADCL (Autism Detecting Check-List) in Dhaka
Shaheen Akhter, Mir Ayesha Akter, Sadia Afrin, Tanmi Akhter, Jannatara Shefa, Md Monoarul Haque

Categorical states of Autism by using ADCL (Autism Detecting Check-List) in Dhaka
Shaheen Akhter, Mir Ayesha Akter, Sadia Afrin, Tanmi Akhter, Jannatara Shefa, Md Monoarul Haque

The Frequency of Platelet Receptor GP IIb Polymorphism in Sudanese Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1
Omayma Altayb Mahgoub, Ibrahim Khidr Ibrahim

The Effect of Handling of Laboratory Wastes on Liver Function Tests among Handlers in National Laboratory for Public Health in Khartoum State
Rania Mukhtar Elhassan, Mariam Abbas Ibrahim

Evaluating the change in the phase difference between the generators of a two-machine system on the short-circuit level grid
Seyed Sajjad Salehi Ghalehsefid

Evaluating the activation of auto recloser relays in power distribution grid of Masjed Soleiman City
Seyed Sajjad Salehi Ghalehsefid

Design and Implementation of a Module Radar System Based on Language and ultrasonic waves
Ahmed F. Albaghdadi, Ahmed M. Ojiemy

Dardania Under the Reign of Justinian I Emperor (527-565)
Kujtime Boshtrakaj Camaj

Assessment of EGFR /HER1 tumor marker in colorectal cancer among Sudanese patients
Gohar Abdelrahim Mohamed Ali, Abdallatif Helme Ibrahim, Nada Salih Salih Osman, Ageeb Mohammed Hassan

Scientific Creativity: A Review of Researches
Hans Raj, Deepa Rani Saxena

The relationship between applying aesthetic elements and customers’ loyalty in sport centers of zone 13 of Tehran
Nahid Khanjani, Saeed Sedaghati, Farideh Hadavi

Estimating Trade Finance and Financial Development on Trade flows of Albania
Dorina Çumani

The Impacts of China’s Economic Rebalancing on Africa
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra, Melkamu Kena Terefe

Communication Hindered: Trauma in the Writings of Bapsi Sidhwa with Special Focus on Ice Candy Man
Mallika Tripathi, Anzar Perween

Prospects and Challenges of Harnessing Renewable Energy Source in the Philippines: The Pico-Hydro Experience
Adriano B. Singian, Benigno P. Legamia Jr.

The Importance of Leadership and Problems of Further and Higher Education in Kosovo
Marigonë Krypa, Arianit Krypa

A Stylistic Analysis of Selected Newspaper's Stories
Fatimah Khudhair Hassoon

Socio-Economic Factors Responsible for the Degradation of Forest in Sherani District, Balochistan
Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Anwar Panezai, Ashif Sajjad

The Implementation of the Community-Based Training for Enterprise Development (CBTED) Program in Region III, Philippines: Basis for Program Enhancement
Benigno P. Legamia, Jr.

The Kosovo Cadastral Agency: An Analysis on Financing Methods
Xhevdet Shala

Study on HIV and AIDS Related Stigmatization
Kamal Eldin Hussein Elhassan, Hala Abdelrahman Ahmed, Salah Eldin Omar Hussein

Study on HIV and AIDS Related Stigmatization
Kamal Eldin Hussein Elhassan, Hala Abdelrahman Ahmed, Salah Eldin Omar Hussein

Comparative study of EST-SSR, SSR, RAPD, and ISSR and their transferability analysis in pea, chickpea and mungbean
Gangadhar B.H.M., Raghvendra Kumar Mishra

Study of Academic Stress and Test Anxiety as Predictors of Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students
Mahmood Alam

Job Satisfaction in Banking Sector: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks in Amritsar City
Ranbir Singh, Deepa Guleria, Navneet Kaur

Immune Histochemical Evaluation of AMACR (P504S) in Prostatic Adenocarcinoma and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Small Neddle Biopsy of Sudanese Patients
El Tayeb El Faith Eltayeb, El Sadig A. Adam, Nada Salih Salih

Expression of P 16 ink4a in basal like triple negative breast carcinoma in Sudanese women
Islam Eldaw Jad Almula Alradi, Ageeb Mohammed Hassan Abedellah, Nada Salih Salih Osman

The Difficulties of Combating Corruption
Petrit Bushi

Assessment of Heavy Metals on Soil and Two Varieties of Vegetables in Ibadan Metropolis
Ogunjinmi S. O., Awotoye, J. A.,Atiba – Oyewo, O. A., Ogunjinmi O. E.

Design and Implementation of Novel WiFi Power Tracking System
Ahmed F. Albaghdadi, Ahmed M. Ojiemy

Effect of Hemodialysis on the Lipids Profile in Patients with Renal Failure - Khartoum State
Nuha Elgaily Abo Bker, Moawia Ali Yousif Abd Allah, Sadia Alamin Yousuf Yahia

Food consumption and bioenergetics of the Lime Blue butterfly (Chilades lajus (stoll)) (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera: Lycaenidae) in Sri Lankamalleswara Reserve forest, Southern Andhra Pradesh – India
Palem Harinath, Kanike Suryanarayana, Sri Purusothama Venkata Ramana, M. Venkata Reddy

The Stereotypical Portrayal of Women in Commercial Indian Cinema
Hari Krishna Behera, Indira Behera

Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Professional Quality of Life among Professionals of University of Gujrat
Sarah Mufti, Iram Naz, Ayesha Saif, Asifa Shehzadi, Maryam Tariq, Mehwish Tariq

The Relationship between the Social Responsibility and Brand Value of Business: A Study in Vietnam
Tran Phi Hoang, Ngo Cao Hoai Linh, Vo Huu Khanh, Nguyen Manh Hai

Factors Affect the Sales Performance of Convenience Store Chain: A Study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tran Phi Hoang, Ngo Cao Hoai Linh, Vo Huu Khanh

Assessment of some coagulation parameters (PT, APTT, INR, PLTS COUNT and PLT indices) in Sudanese Patients with Diabetic Type 2 January 2016
Aboabaida Awad Alla Hassan Mohammed, Lena Babiker

Evaluation the role of direct immunofluorescence techniques and their relevance to the diagnosis of the blistering diseases
Mahmoud Abdalla Ibrahim, Elsadig A. Adam, Ismail Osman Khalid, Abdelazim Mohamed A. Higawee

Assessment of p16 Expression with Different Grades of Prostate Cancer among Sudanese Patients
Emtithal Ibrahim Abdalla Abody, Ageeb Mohammed Hassan, Nada Salih Salih Osman

Some fixed point results in ultrametric spaces
Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, Chanchlesh Kumar

Abortion and Sex Selection
Adelina Kakija

The Satisfaction in the doctor-patient relationship: the communication assessment
Lejda Abazi

Production and Characterization of Biodiesel Produced from Seeds Oil of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Plants
Luqman O. Hamasalih, Ghadah SH. Yahya

Frequency of (G428A) Polymorphism within FUT2 Gene among Symptomatic GIT Diseases in Sudanese Patients
Ensaf M. Massaad, Mohamed E.M. Mohy El-Deen, Mohamed M. Hassan, Leena B. Mirghani

Tax Administration Integrity and its implications on effective revenue collection in Local Government Authorities: Insights from Moshi Tanzania
Juliana Akyoo Isaac, Isaac Kazungu

Cooperative Learning: Its Influence on the Quality of Work in Collegiate Mathematics
Dynah D. Soriano, Josephine Luz S. de Leon

Correlation Expression of Livin Apoptosis Inhibitor Marker in Sudanese Patient with Prostate Cancer
Abdalwhab A. Ali, Ageeb M. Hassan

Cambodia’s Strategic Relationship with China and the United States: Implications for Cambodia’s Development Aid
Veasna Var

Immune Histochemical Evaluation of Cyclin D1 in Prostatic Adenocarcinoma and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Small Neddle Biopsy of Sudanese Patient
Nagla Mohammed Abu Elgasim, El Sadig A. Adam, Nada Salih Salih

Predictors of Leadership Maturity and Managerial Capability of the Administrators of Technological State Universities and Colleges in Region 3
Vicky P. Vital

The Use of Mobile Money Transfer System in Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Tanzania
John Moshy, Alban Mchopa

Immunohistochmical Evaluation of P63 Marker in Prostatic Carcinoma and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Small Foci of Sudanese Patients
Mohamed H. Elhag, Elsadig A. Adam, Eltayeb E. Eltayeb, Nada S. Salih

Assessment of Hypercoagulability state during multiple Pregnancies in Sudanese women in Kassala state
Suha K. Khalifa Osman, Ahmed Hamza, Leena Babiker Mirghani

Role of the Planning Process and Self-Evaluation on Safeguarding a Functional System of Quality Assurance in Pre-University Education
Teuta Çobaj

Participation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Recreational and Leisure Activities
Mahesh Kumar Choudhary, Kolli Padmavathi

Self-financing of the cadastral services
Xhevdet Shala

Vertical organization of cadastral services
Xhevdet Shala

The Real and the Image: Reading Mediated Reality in Don de Lillo’s White Noise
Prithwa Deb

The licence agreement in view of the new legislation in the Republic of Kosovo
Jahë Sahiti, Nexhat Jashari

Design and Implementation of a Car Controller System Based on Language and Serial Port
Ahmed M. Ojiemy

Effect of temperature on ultrasonic pulse velocity in hybrid reinforced concrete
Erjola Reufi, Ilirjana Boci

Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance in Shariah Compliant firms
Minhas Akbar, Ahsan Akbar

Assessment of Road and Surface Water Drainage Condition in Urban Ethiopia, with Special Reference of Assosa Town
Kokeb Zena Besha, Addisu Adamu Alemayehu

Assessment of the Quality of Urban Roadside Walkway Environment: the Case of Assosa Town, Benishangul Gumz Regional State of Ethiopia
Kokeb Zena Besha

Analyzing the Readability and Grammaticality of Newspapers' Varied Sources and their Impact on Readers
Ayman Hamad Elneil Hamdan, Layla Qais

Impacts of Under Reporting of Time, Client Quotas, Inclusive Planning, and Audit Program on Audit Quality Case study: Kosovo & Albania
Ymer Shatri, Shqipdona Hashani

Leavis' critical engagement with Samuel Johnson
Ahmed Saeed Joudar

Financial Analysis of Commercial / Residential cum Office Building Complex, Al Khuwair, Oman
Dipti Ranjan Mohapatra

Assessment of Fibrin \ Fibrinogen Degradation Products (FDBs) in Sudanese Chronic Renal Failure
Mayada Muzamil Abdella, Leena Babkiker Mirghani

The relationship between organizational commitment and employee performance: A case study of the Citizens company of Tehran
Elmira Mosdegh, Elnaz Khashayar

Domestic Violence in Pearl Cleage’s Flyin’ West
Sabah Atallah Diyaiy, Asmma Mehdi Saleh

Evaluating the Impact of the ESP course for the PYP students at Aljouf University
Abdul Mahmoud Idrees Ibrahim, Elhafiz Mohammed Ahmed Elwaly

Phenotypic detection of Extended Spectrum ßeta-Lactamase producing Escherichia coli isolated from urinary tract infected Patients in Khartoum, Sudan
Babiker Saad Almugadam, Kaleem Allah Ibrahim, Musa Abdullah Ali

Sero Prevalence of Food allergy among Sudanese Patients in Khartoum state
Hind Galal Aldein Mohammed Osman, Eman Dirar Omer Ahmad, Gaafar Mohamed Ibrahim

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