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Volume:  IV Issue:  IV Of  July,2016
Association of serum soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products (sRAGE), S100A12, and VCAM-1 levels with further post-coronary angiogram endothelial injury in patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and stenosed coronary vessels
Iyan Zakaria, Deeraj Mungun, Xiang Ming Wang, Jun Hong Wang, Yan Guo

From Indecision to Assertion: A Study of Divakaruni’s Protagonists – Anju, Sudha, Korobi, Tilo and Rakhi
Aparupa Mookherjee

Assessment of Iron Profile in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (DMT2)
Anwar Alzubair Albasheer, Nasr Eldeen Ali Mohammed Gaufri

Analysis of Effect Domestic Investment (DI) and Foreign Investment (FI) to Employment Opportunities in Indonesia
Eliza, Elfa Fitriani, Siska Yulia Defitri

The Relationship’s Evaluation between Child Protection Workers in Collaboration with Other Keys of Referral System
Marinela Çani

Life history of the dark glass blue butterfly Virachola isocrates (Lepidoptera: Rhopalocera: Lycaenidae) in the Eastern Ghats of Southern Andhra Pradesh – India
Sri Purusothama Venkata Ramana, Palem Harinath, Kanike Suryanarayana, B. Sreekanth

Frequency o f (G428A) Polymorphism within FUT2 Gene among Symptomatic Asthma Diseases in Sudanese Patients
Mohaned S. Eltigani, Asrar M. Khair, Leena B. Mirghani

Prohibition of Alcohol in Bihar: A Study of Socio-economic Impact
Sudhakar Prasad Singh

Serological Detection of Rubella Virus among Pregnant Women in Khartoum State
Wafaa Mohammed Abdalla, Mohamed Abdelsalam Abdalla, Siham Elias Suliman, Shamson Khamis Khafi

Enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus amongst Food Handlers in Khartoum State, Sudan
Arwa O. Hamza, Humodi A. Saeed

Improving the Competitiveness of Phu Quoc Tourist Destinations of Viet Nam in Attracting Foreign Tourists
Tran Phi Hoang, Nguyen Minh Thuy, Nguyen Thi Mai Anh, Nguyen Hung

Using mind mapping literature to enrich the subject of managerial intellectual learning (MIL): an exploratory exercise
Joseph Kim-keung Ho

The Role of First Microfinance Bank in Financing Agriculture: The Case Study of District Naushahro Feroze, Sindh, Pakistan
Abbas Ali Chandio, Yuansheng Jiang, Mansoor Ahmed Koondhar, Habibullah Magsi

Cadmium induced histological changes in the liver of Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters)
Meenakshi Sundaresan

Building Creative Experience Learning Environments for University Students in Economics and Social Sciences Sector in Viet Nam
Tran Phi Hoang, Phan Kim Thoa, Nguyen Thi Mai Anh, Le Huu Phuoc

Promotion Activities of the City of Prishtina. A Reality towards Tourism Development
Hysen Sogojeva

Shock Related Geomagnetic Storms and Their Relation with CMEs, X-Ray Solar Flares and IMF
Preetam Singh Gour, Shiva Soni

India’s Current and Future Energy Situation
Dilip Kumar Maurya

Indo-EU Energy Cooperation: Prospects and Challenges
Uday Pratap Singh

Evolving a Theoretical Perspective on Human Security and Development
Raghvendra Pratap Singh

Effectiveness of Concept Mapping Strategy on Cognitive Processes in Science at Secondary Level
Saradindu Bera, Ramakanta Mohalik

Effect of vegetation on the composition of some soils Rehab region southwest province of Muthanna
Aboalhasan Adel Al-Mohsen, Ahmed Kadhim Al-Ganimy, Hakam Kream Doany

Performance Evaluation and Comparison of the BPTC using a new Soft Hamming Decoder
Alaa A. Ghaith, Hamzé H. Alaeddine

Problems of Translating Idioms of Number
Ibtihal Mahdi Al-Tameemi

A Comparative Study of Class-consciousness between Khushhal Khan Khatak and Charles Dickens
Shahida Sher Mohammad

The Origin and Development of the Proletarian Novel
Javed Akhter

The Effect of Vocabulary Breadth on Reading Comprehension
May Ali Elzein Fadal Alla, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Development Factors Influencing Reading Comprehension
May Ali Elzein Fadal Alla, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Management Practices in Islamic Perspective
Muhammad Shaukat Malik, Syed Jaleel Abbas, Tahir Ibraheem

The Potential Role of Target Situation Analysis in the Process of Designing EAP Course for Nursing Students at Hebron University
Mohammad K. M. Imhemmed

80/20 Principle: Application in Manufacturing Companies
Yaneth Maritza Alvarez Serrano, Renato De Bortoli Purat, Dario Pozzetto, Pietro Romano

Gestational Diabetes Management System
Elham Mohammed Thabit Abdalameer

Simulation Internal Partial Discharge Activity within Void as Function Frequency Using: COMSL+MATLAB LIVELINK
Mohammed Imran Mousa, Zulkurnain Abdul-Malek, Tijani Hafeez Olasunkanmi, Adetoro Saheed Ayodeji, Mohammed Qasim Abdulrasool

Philosophy and Belief in God: The Resurgence of Moral Admirability
Shikha Srivastava

Information Seeking Behavior of Information Science Students, Faculty of Engineering and Technology in Assosa University
Shambel Ferede

Climate Variability and Food Security in Satara District, Maharashtra
Karande S. V., Khadke P.A.

Effect of Cigarette Smoking on some Liver Functions Test
Walaa Adil Ahmed, D. Tarig Mohammed Fadul Elmula, Liza Hamdi Mohammed

Crowd-sourced Crisis Data: Ethical and Legal Concerns
Buddhadeb Halder

Denotative and Connotative Meaning of Barnyard Verbs
Mahmood A. Farhan

Efficiency of Chrysoperla mutata (McL.) larvae as a predator of the dubas nymphs Ommatissus lybicus DeBerg
Mohammed A. Al –Rawy, Maan Abdul Azeez Al-Salihi, Akmam Ali Habbeb, Bassim Shehab Hamad

Changing Rural India – A Case Study (With special Reference to Village-Balargaon, District-Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, INDIA)
Ashok Kumar Jaiswal

Serum calcium, phosphorus and uric acid among daily consumer of sweetened, fizzy soft drinks
Ghadeer Mahjoob Osman, Tarig Mohamed Fadl-Elmula, Liza Hamdy

Portrayal of ‘New Woman’ with Special Reference to Henrik Ibsen’s The Doll’s House and Vijay Tendulkar’s Kamala
Ramesh Chandra Adhikari

Production of dextrans and their applications in human health and nutrition– Review
Sherif M. Abed, Anwar Noman, SobiaNiazi, Al-FargaAmmar, Tao Zhang, Amr M. Bakrey

The Double Correlative Statistical Relation through the Horizontal and Vertical Tearing of the Watershed in the Albanian Alps
Brilanda Bushati, Rifat Talani

The efficiency of bio-fertilization in the growth and yield of Sweet corn (Zea mays var. regosa)
Falih Hasan Saeed, Usama Abdalla Alwan, Khalid A. Jasim, Hikmat K. Jasim, I. Ortas

Applications of biostatistics in food science – Review
Anwar Noman, Ammar Alfarga, Sherif M. Abed, Amer Ali Mahdi, Xia Wenshui

Ethical and Professional Conduct of the Romanian Journalist
Raluca Marinela Silaghi

Enhancing Students’ Autonomous Vocabulary Learning for Academic Writing
Rania Elsir Mohamed, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Analyzing the Use of Cohesive Devices in the Writing of Sudanese Students at Sudan University of Science and Technology
Rania Elsir Mohamed, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

The relationship between tourism, foreign direct investment and economic growth: evidence from Saudi Arabia
Aftab Alam, Elwaleed Abdulgayoum Ali Idris, Omair Mujahid Malik, Kamisan Gaadar

Inverse of Al-Tememe Transform
Ali Hassan Mohammed, Ayman Mohammed Hassan, Baneen Sadeq Mohammed

Study the chemical properties of bottled and potable water in Baghdad city
Suha Anwer Ibrahim, Seroor Atala Khaleefa, Lubna Al-Zubaidi

A Pragmatic Study of Complaints
Summia Fuad Abdul Razzak, Abdul Karim Fadhil Jamil

The Political Communication Influence on International Politics
Njomza Krasniqi

Common grammatical mistakes in ESL essay writing: A Case study of COMSATS Lahore Undergraduates
Maryam Jahangir

Effect of Salt (NaCl) Stress on Seed Germination Seedling Growth and Na+, K+ Uptake in Maize
Arif Ayoob Rao, M. H. Lakho, Naimatullah Leghari, M. Ibrahim Keerio, Qamarddin Jogi

Varietal Susceptibility of Mung and Mash Beans to Insect Pests in Sindh, Pakistan
Altaf Hussain Khaskheli, Shah Nawaz Khuhro, Muhammad Hanif Lakho, Qamarddin Jogi, Ayaz Ahmed Lashari

Early Childhood Development among the Children of Domestic Workers in Chennai Corporation
A. Jesu Stephen, S. John Kaviarasu

The Acquisition of Dative Constructions by Iraqi University Learners of English: A Pilot Study
Huda Abed Ali Hattab

The Acquisition of Dative Constructions by Iraqi University Learners of English: A Pilot Study
Huda Abed Ali Hattab


“Advertising: Two sides of the same coin – Experiential Reactions to T.V advertisements of students at different levels”
Dr. Juao Costa

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