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Volume:  IV Issue:  V Of  August,2016
Effect of different plant extract on seedling diseases of Chillies, caused by Fusarium f. sp. Capsici
Fakhar Imam Khaskheli, M. Mithal Jiskani, M. Ibrahim Khaskheli, M. Safar Majeedano, M. Azeem Khaskheli

Growth and Root Yield Response of Radish, Raphanus Satisvus L. to Different Irrigation Regimes
Majeeduddin Solangi, Naeem Ahmed Qureshi, Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro, Naimatullah Leghari, Saba Ambreen Memon, M. Hanif Lakho

A Study on the effects of age and blood cholesterol on blood pressure: A case study of Hyderabad District of Sindh Province
Naeem Ahmed Qureshi, Riaz Ali Buriro, Muhammad Hanif Lakho, Wasif Ali Solangi, Mansoor Hyder Depar, Sajjad Hussain Talpur

The Acquisition of Dative Constructions by Iraqi University Learners of English: A Pilot Study
Huda Abed Ali Hattab

An Analysis of the Performance of Aligarh Muslim University in National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) -2016
Mohammad Allam

Preparation of Active Rodienticide via Exploitation of Aluminium Adsorption Vestiges from Aqueous Solutions
Thekra Atta Ibrahim

Study of the Using Effect of Chromium Adsorption Remnants as Rodienticide for Sprague Dawley Rats Rattus rattus Accessing to Zero Residue Level (ZRL)
Thekra Atta Ibrahim

Strategic Management and Firm Performance - Evidence from Saudi Arabia
Ashraf Hadi Ahmed Mohammed

Sulfur Removal from Wastewater and Subsequent Exploitation of the Waste Residue
Firas Saeed Abbas

Adsorption and Utilization of Cerium (III) Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Iraqi Rice Husk
Firas Saeed Abbas

Developing Vocabulary Inference Strategies from Context (A case study Jabel Awlia Secondary school for girls)
Muhana Hamdeen Musa Agbar, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Explicit Vocabulary Learning Strategies in Promoting Vocabulary Knowledge (A case study Jabel Awlia Secondary school for girls)
Muhana Hamdeen Musa Agbar, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Protecting Children from New Media Environment: Kids Protector
Rafeef Fauzi Najim Al-Shammari

Ectomycorrhizae: Activity and Growth
Sumira Tyub, Azra N Kamili, Zafar A Reshi, Syed Sana Mearaj, Taseem A Mokhdomi, Shoiab Bukhari, Asrar H Wafai, Asif Amin, Raies A Qadri

Effects of Microwave Heating on Chemical Properties of Vegetable Oils: A review
Khalid Mohammed, Y. Liu, Pei Rang Cao, Bakri A. Kareem, Shref Alsyed, Mohammed A. A. Gasmalla, Waleed Aboshora, Nabil Qaid M. Al-Hajj, Ammar Al-Farga

Vocabulary Creates Difficulties for Sudanese University Students in Learning English Language
Khaled Hassan Ali Eltayb

Speaking Truth to Power: Resistance in Select Poems of Mahmoud Darwish and Agha Shahid Ali
Burhan Bashir

Influence of Packaging Material on Physico-Chemical and Sensory Quality of Cucumber under Ambient and Refrigeration Temperatures
Tahseen Fatima Miano, Arshad Ali Khaskheli, Tanveer Fatima Miano, Falak Naz Miano

Physicochemical Analysis of Acacia tortilis var. tortilis Gum
Yousif M. Alnour, Mohamed G. Muhgoub, Mohammed E. Osman

Study of the Kidney Morphological Changes in Long Standing Hemodialysis Patinents in Sinnar State Sudan
Abdulrahman Abdullhi Ishag Ahamed, Kamaladin Ahamed Salih, Yagoub Abdalla Abderahaman, Nuha Yousif Ali

Chemical composition, antinutritional evaluation and phenolic compounds in gingerread plum (Neocarya Macrophylla) kernel
Mohamed Diaby, Tidjani Amza, Gbago Onivogui, Xiao-Qiang Zou, Xing guo Wang Qing-Zhe Jin

The Role of Barber Shops Tools in the Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus in East Nile Locality Khartoum Sudan
Sawsan Abdalla Mohammed, Abeer Nagmeldeen Mohammed, Hadeel Ibrahim Mohammed, Mohamed Medani Eltayeb, Wafa Ibrahim Elhag

Impact of Obesity on Serum Testosterone, Luteinizing Hormone and Follicular Stimulating Hormone levels in Sudanese Obese Male
Mosyab Awad Mohamed, Mariam Abbas Ibrahim

Online Harassment - A Study of its Sources, Intensity and Psychological Impact on Students
Shumaila Bari, Furrakh Abbas

Assessment of selected physicochemical parameters to investigate the groundwater quality of El-Bheira Governorate, Egypt
M. A. Zayed, Adel M. A. Elhdad

The role of sport marketing mix elements (4P) for turnout of the medical sport goods
Reza Azizi, Mohammadreza Esmaelzade

Tatamkhulu Afrika’s Fate, Life and Career
Idris Migan Elshafie Jamal Eldean, Mohoud Ali Ahmad

Philosophy of Imitation and the Implications of Modernization in Arabic Calligraphy Art
Hisham Ibrahim Izedin Mohamed Ali

Individual, Organizational and Technological Factors Affect Knowledge Sharing Practices in Assosa Hospital, Ethiopia
Dereje Roba, Worku Jimma, Chala Diriba

Assessing the impact of e-governance on the performance of inter-institutional project cooperation: A case of Ghana
Patrick Osei-Bonsu, Jiaming Fang

Investigating Science and Arts Center Parents’ Awareness Related to Gifted and Talented Students
Çigdem Çelik-Sahin

Translation of Culture-Specific Items from English into Lithuanian: the Case of O. Henry’s Short Stories
Inga Janaviciene

Colored Image Ciphering with Key Image
Zainalabideen Abdullasamd Rasheed

Impact of English Monolingual Dictionaries on ESL Learners’ Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Building
Asma Kashif Shahzad, Hina Shaheen, Sumaira Saleem

Checklist of Butterflies in Seshachalam Bio-reserve forest - Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh - India
K. Suryanarayana, P. Harinath, S. Appala Naidu, S. P. Venkata Ramana

Ethnic Cultural Totalities in the Novels of Amitav Ghosh
Raja Ambethkar M.

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Mobile Banking in Klang Valley, Malaysia
Shresta Devi Bijloll, Vikneswaran S/O Manual, Ng Hui Chen

Ethical and professional conduct of the Romanian police officer - A reflection upon The Romanian Police Officer’s Code of Ethics and Deontology
Raluca Marinela Silaghi

Organizational Factors Influencing Employees’ Performance in the Banking Sector of Nagapattinam Town
P. Thiyakesh, Sheeba Julius

Relationship between personality traits and gender of Police officers in Punjab, Pakistan
Umbreen Khizar, Daisy Jane C. Orcullo, Jamaludin Mustafa

‘Resymbolization’ of a Text; a Relatively Different Perspective of Graham Greene’s The Quiet American
Azhar Noori Fejer

Sindh - an Agricultural Province of Pakistan: An Overview
Faqir Muhammad Hub, Shakeel Ahmed Miano, Tahseen Fatima Miano Hub

Split Wide Open – Reliving Inter-Semiotic Harmony in the Movies ‘The Blue Umbrella’ and ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’
Surabhi Modi

Response of some Varieties of Rice to Growth and yeild for Magnetic Technology
Wafaa Hadi Hassoon, Naeem Saeed Dheyab, Layth Abdalrahmanmohammed, Abdul Al-Karem H. Kadim, Jasab A. Elawe

Determination of major constituents in Commercial Brands of Carbonated soft drinks
Nazmul Sarwar, Shireen Akther, Taslima Ahmed, Kazi Nazira Sharmin, Monsur Ahmad, Md. Altaf Hossain, Ferdusee Akter, Md. Kauser-Ul-Alam

Enhancing EFL College Students’ Language Proficiency through Sociocultural Competence
Inst. Dr. Sundus Abduljabbar Kamil

Implementation of attendance system based on UHF RFID technique
Hayder k. Aljeborry, Mustafa F. Albaghdadi, Ahmed F. Albaghdadi

Some Fixed Point and Common Fixed Theorems in Banach Space for Rational Expressions
Neha Jain

Design and Implementation of Home Automation System Based on Wi-Fi
Getaneh Berie Tarekegn, Yirga Yayeh Munaye

Risk Factors for Autism Spectrum Disorder – A Study in Selected Areas of Bangladesh
Md. Ashrafuzzaman


Exploring the Role of Short Stories in Improving Secondary School Students’ Speaking Skills A case Study of Second Class Shiek Hamad Secondary School, Atbara Town (2015-2016)
Zeinab Ahmed Abdalla Mohammed, Hassan Mahill Abdallah Hassan, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed Omer

Investigating Difficulties and Problems of Speaking Skills Encountered by Second Class at Secondary School Students A case Study of Second Class Shiek Hamad Secondary School, Atbara Town (2015-2016)
Zeinab Ahmed Abdalla Mohammed, Mohammed Bakri Mohammed El Hassan, Abdelgadir Mohammed Ali Adam

The Theme of the Colonialism as Embodied in Chinua Achebe’s Fictions: with Reference to Arrow of God, Things Fall Apart and No Longer at Ease
Mohamed Babiker Elsaeed Taglawey, Amir Mohammed Albloly, Ali Muhammad Abdalla

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