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Volume:  IV Issue:  VII Of  October,2016
Discursive News Values
Luma S. Danial

Assessment of Complete Blood Count in Sudanese Pregnant Women in Different Trimesters in Khartoum State
Rabha Elfatih Abass, Mohammed Mubarak Omballi, Mahmoud Ibrahim Osman

When Teachers of English Language are not Qualified
Mohammad Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Shallakh

Evaluation of diagnostic value of the nucleolar organizer region comparing reactive cells and transitional cell carcinomas among Sudanese patients
Shareef Khalid Gasmelsaid Abdelmaged, Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim Hamed, Mutaz Mohammed Ibrahim Ali

Evaluating Right Timing and Splitting Nitrogen Application Rates for Enhanced Growth and Yield of Sunflower
Anab Khanzada, Muhammad Ali Ansari, Babar Hussain Chang, Ammara Rajput, Fida Hussain Magsi, Umed Ali

An articulation of extreme grief and agony in Imtiaz Dharker’s Purdah and Other Poems
Honey Singhal, Vidushi Sharma

The Prevalence of Cigarette and Shisha (water pipe) Smoking among Sudanese Tuberculous Patients
Mutasim Siddig Mohammed Salih, Bader Eldien Haroun, Elsharif Ahmed Bazie, Moataz Mohamed Alhasan, Hamza Babikir Hamza

Effect of malaria on: Serum K, Serum Na and Blood urea- Sudan
Elsharif Ahmed Bazie, Abazar Mahmoud Ismail, Bashir Abdullah Salad, Masharig Tarig Mohamed, Nosyba Mustafa, Muram Elabid Elkhadir, Elgot Khalid Khalifa

Prevalence of HIV infection among blood donors in Kosti teaching hospital blood bank, Kosti –Sudan
Badr Eldien Haroun Idris Haroun, Elsharif Ahmed Bazie, Moataz Mohamed Alhasan Ali, Hamza Babikir Hamza, Mutasim Siddig Mohammed Salih, Mohammed Fathalla Khalid Malik

Effect of Smoking Cigarette in Albumin Creatinine Ratio in Khartoum State
Moshtaha Azhari, Adel Nasr, Liza Hamdi

Technical Review and Analysis on Students Academic Website Projects Using GTmetrix Web Speed and Optimization Tool
Floreto B. Quinito, Jr., Julieto P. Catipay

Investigation of the Relationship between Top Soil, Bedrocks (Parent rocks) and Groundwater Salinity at Sharshar and Algaa'h Areas
Gibla Omer A. M., Mohammed Ahmed Hassan El-Tayeb, Abd EL-Salam Abdalla Dafa Alla, Esraa Omer Adam Mohammed

Assessment of Natural Radioactivity Concentration and Dose in Surface Soil Samples from Atbara
Hashim Gad Elseed, Mohammed Hashim Albashir

Dynamic Analysis of High Rise Building Structure with Shear Walls at the Centre Core
Hadi Hosseini

Socialism - A Great Turning Point in Human History
Yumna Khatoon

Analysis with Regard to the Theory of the Power of Weak Ties in the Field of the Study of Social Networks – between General and Particular
Elena-Adelina Andrei, Alina Nicolescu

A historical-comparative examination of Euro-Mediterranean institutional relations and the review of the European Neighbourhood Policy
Daniel Gugan

The Struggle between Integration and Miscegenation in Wine in the Wilderness
Sabah Attallah Diyaiy, Alaa Abdulrida Oda

Effect of salinity on germination and seedling growth of five wheat cultivars in hydroponic technique
Md Musfiqur Rahman, Jannat-E-Tajkia, Dr. A. K. M. Zakir Hossain, Palash Kumar Kundu

Overview on progress in waste water treatment and purification technology: A review
Barry Amadou A, Liu Hong Yu

Application of Benford Law and Beneish M Score at PT Pertamina Indonesia
Aris Wahyu Kuncoro

The New Power Game in Central Asia: Role of USA, China, and Russia
Dilip Kumar Maurya

New Launched Project
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