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Volume:  IV Issue:  VIII Of  November,2016
A prospective study of Tubeless Percutaneous Nephrolithomy in patients in a Tertiary Care hospital of Jammu, (J&K) India
Syed Yasir Akhtar Qadri, Elias Sharma, Sunil Gupta, Irfa Naqshbandi, Syed Shuja Qadri

A Rare Case of a Giant Urethral Calculus in a Urethral Diverticullum
Syed Yasir Akhtar Qadri, Mufti Mahmood, Zafar Salim Khanday, Syed Shuja Qadri, Sikander Iqbal

Sero-Prevalence of HBV Infection among Health Care Workers at Dialysis Centers in Khartoum State, Sudan
Eltagi Abdalla Mohammed Abdalla, Kamil Merrghani Ali, Isam Mohamed ElKidir

Determinants of international return migration in District Sialkot, Pakistan
Muhammad Qadeer Ashraf, Muhammad Adeel, Pir Wahab, Kinan Pasha

The Gender Nature of Domestic Pottery in Africa
Leila Mukhtar Ahmed

Assessment of Modus Operandi for Phenotypic and Genotypic Recognition of Salmonella Species
Muhammad Irfan Afridi, Kamran Iqbal Shinwari, Muhammad Younas, Muhammad Zeeshan Qureshi, Abid Ullah Shah, Haziq Hussain, Nasir Azam, Maria Zaib, Irsa Zubair, Zara Azam

Effects of Trichoderma harzianum and chemical fertilization on growth and nutrient uptake of Cucumber (Cucumis melo L., var. flexuosus)
Falih H. Saeed, Sadeq J. H. Dwenee, Usama A. Alwan, Qasim M. Zamil, Hameed S. Mugier

Evaluation of mycorrhizal efficiency on growth and productivity of faba bean (Vicia faba)
Usama A. Al-Ogadi, Falih H. Saeed, Hamdia Z. Ali

Analysis of geopolitical conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia on the Changes in Bahrain
Mohammed Reza Taheri, Mohsen Zamani

Religion and Violence: ‘Islamic’ Terrorism or Terrorizing the Victims?
Sabah Khan

Kamala Das’s Poetry : An Instrument to Protest Against the Callous Treatment of Women in India
Bharti Nagpal, Jyoti Sharma

School Principal and Leadership Style
Mirela Karabina

The Armenian-Turkish Relations: from “Foe to Friend”
Koryun Ghazaryan

Primary Productivity in Nachiketa Tal, a high altitude lake of Garhwal Himalayas (India)
Dhyal Singh, M.S. Rawat, O.P. Gusain

Criticalness of the title "A Doll" in connection to Nora; in Henrik Ibnen's play "A Doll's House"
Shagufta Khurram

Phyto- Constituents and Antioxidant Activity of Rhus abyssinica, Heeria insignis and Lannea schimperi (Anacardiaceae family)
Tahani Khidir Sherfi, Ali Ahmed Ibrahim, Abdel Azim Ali Ahmed, Gehan Omer

Android Based Wireless Live Human Detection Robot for Rescue Operations
Imran Khan

Relationship between anemia and parathyroid disorders in hemodialysis patients
Abdulrahman Abdullahi Ishag Ahamed, Kamaladin Ahamed Salih, Yagoub Abdalla Abderahaman, Nuha Yousif Ali, Tawadod Hamza Abubaker

Issues and Challenges of the Political Culture of Pakistan
Muhammad Iqbal

Importance of Yoga for Children
Anant Singh Jeliyang

Exploring the Integration of Multimedia in Teaching EFL from the Perspective of Sudanese EFL Teachers
Mogahed Ali Sulieman Abdelgader, Mohammed Bakri

The Influence of Incorporating Multimedia on Developing Reading Comprehension skills from the Experience of Sudanese EFL Learners
Mogahed Ali Sulieman Abdelgader, Mohammed Bakri

Estimation of Plasma Lipid Profile among Sudanese Cigarette Smokers
Alsadig Mohamed Salh, Abdullah Edreis Abdullah

Changes in Creatinine, Urea, Glutathione-S-Transferase and Uric Acid Levels in Acetaminophen Extra Overdosed Rabbits Treated with Watermelon Juice (Citrullus lanatus)
Mathew Folaranmi Olaniyan, Bosede Oluwatosin Odejobi, Oke S.A.

Status of Knowledge Sharing Practices among Health Professionals the Mechanisms and Tools that Foster Knowledge Sharing: The Case of Assosa Hospital, Ethiopia
Chala Diriba, Worku Jimma, Dereje Roba

Peer-Tutoring: An Effective Approach in Teaching English Grammar
Arturo G. Palaming

Constructs describing e-Learning Models: A Literature Review
Gaurav Chopra, Pankaj Madan

Prevalent of Post streptococcal Infections among renal failure patients in Khartoum state
Tasabeeh Ali Abdulla, Yousria Yousif Hussein, Magdi Babiker Omer, Mahmoud Ibrahim Osman

Assessment of complete blood count in Patients with Chronic Renal failure
Hind Abdulrahman, Mohammed Mubarak, Mahmoud Ibrahim Osman

Febrile convulsions in children. Review Innovation and development in childish age and beyond
Viola Gavani

Concentrations of (Fe, Ni , Zn, Mn , Cr) in Moringa Oleifera collected from River Nile state
Hashim Gad Elseed, Mohammed Hashim Albashir, Mubarak Dirar

Examining the Influence of Supervisor Support, Colleague Support and Work Autonomy on Job Performance: Case of Public Sector Universities in Saudi Arabia
Alqahtani Mnahi Mutlaq M, Mohd Fitri Bin Abdul Rahman

Learning with a Style: The Role of Learning Styles and Models in Academic Success
Mirza Muhammad Zubair Baig, Mudassar Mahmood Ahmad

The role of religious and geopolitical factors in the cold relations between Iran and Azerbaijan
Mohammed Reza Taheri, Mohsen Zamani

Effect of seed rate and water level on production and chemical analysis of hydroponic fodder
Rashedul Islam, Nabilah Jalal, Md. Ali Akbar

Modelling Regression Economic Variable GDP and Gov. Expenditure. Evidence from Indonesia
Ahmad Subagyo

A Study on Financial Indicators’ Reliability in Technical Analysis
Subramaniam A/L Ponnusamy, Vikneswaran S/O Manual

The impact of profits dividends policy on the market value of the shares of Saudi banks: A Case Study
Mahmoud Hosni Otaibi

Impact of Leadership Skills on the Student Organizational Performance of PUP – Paranaque Campus S.Y. 2015 – 2016
Mecmack A. Nartea, Catherine R. Llave, Jefferson Serrano, Caple Jun Lipa, Edcon B. Baccay, Maureen Gutierrez, Corazon Daza

An Analysis on Risk Behavior on Selected Indicators on the Philippine Stock Exchange Index
Mecmack A. Nartea, Catherine R. Llave, Maureen C. Gutierrez, Jefferson Serrano, Corazon Daza, Edcon B. Baccay

The dimensions of interior monologue technique in Henry James’s novels
Nada Hassan Mohammed Ahmed

The shadows of flashback technique in William Faulkner’s novels
Nada Hassan Mohammed Ahmed

Interpretation of Articles 101 & 102 of TFEU
Jonida Lamaj

Computerized Management Information Systems Resources and their Relationship to the Development of Performance in the Electricity Distribution Company in Gaza
Samy S. Abu Naser, Mazen J. Al Shobaki

Training Need of the Mango Farmers in a Selected Area of Nawabganj Sadar Upazila
Md. Mominul Islam, M. Jiaul Hoque, Md. Moniruzzaman

Internal evaluation and its effects on improving student learning outcomes in lower secondary schools in Kosovo
Bahtije Gerbeshi Zylfiu, Kristina Dedaj

Solving New Type of Linear Equations by Using New Transformation
Ali Hassan Mohammed, Bashir Abd Al-Rida Sadiq, Ayman Mohammed Hassan Ali

Security Evaluation of the Adaptive Congestion Control Algorithms for Virtual Data Center Communication
Vincent O. Nyangaresi, S. Ogara, S. Abeka

CSR in Banks: A comparative study of SBI and ICICI
Premendra Kumar Singh, Bidhu Kanti Das

Arbitrage and the Arbitration Procedure
Simeana Beshi

Social justice in The God of Small Things
Shakibur Rehman Khan

Phenomena and problems observed in the management of the value chain in agribusiness enterprises in Peja
Sylë Kolica

Management objectives in the manufacturing enterprises in the municipality of Pec
Sylë Kolica

Assessment of geopolitical dilemmas in West Asia region and its effects on the countries of South West Asia
Abolfazl Zamani, Samaneh Farhadi

Theories and Methodologies of Ethnic Residential Segregation
Hassen Zriba

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