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Volume:  IV Issue:  X Of  January,2017
Security and Privacy Concerns in Big Data
Intikhab Ahmad, Titus Haiduwa, Attaullah Kiani, Kamran Saddique

Correlation of Demographic Profile and Selected Indicators on the Academic Performance of the Office Management Students of PUP- Parañaque Campus
Caple Jun Lipa, Catherine R. Llave, Mecmack A. Nartea, Jefferson F. Serrano, Maureen C. Gutierrez, Edcon B. Baccay, Joey E. Tigas

A Logistic Regression Analysis on the Probability of Passing the National Certificate Examination in Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Parañaque Campus
Edcon B. Baccay, Catherine R. Llave, Mecmack Nartea, Jefferson Serrano, Corazon Daza, Caple Jun Lipa

Ariel Dorfman’s Play Death and the Maiden: A Moral Thriller
Anshu Pandey

Length of Stay and Its Implication for Immigrant Businesses Establishment and Performance
Aissa Mosbah, Ahmed Mukt Abdhamid Abusef

Relationship between Common Foot and Ankle Abnormalities and Low Back Pain: An Observational Study
Vivek Chauhan, Sunil Bhatt, Garima Arora

Assessing the Enacted Curriculum of India: A Study of IX Standard Science Classroom
Geeta Sharma

Summative Assessment Tests and Numeric Methods for Item Analysis
Alfons Harizaj

Evidences from morphological investigations supporting APGIII and APGIV. Classification of the family Apocynaceae Juss., nom. cons
Ikram Madani, Layaly Ibrahim Ali, El Bushra El Sheikh El Nur

The crisis of public opinion according to Jurgen Habermas
Enkelejda Hamzaj

Reducing of chromium intensity of tannery effluent by using low-cost adsorbents
Md. Moshrur Raihan, Md. Razib Hosen, Md. Ashiqur Rahaman, Farid Ahmad

The importance of tourism and tourism investments
Bekë Kuqi

Insect Biodiversity in Different Varieties of Linseed
Farrukh Asghar, Abdul Ghani Lanjar, Babar Hussain Chang, Fida Hussain Magsi, Khalil Asghar, Ammara Rajput, Azhar-Ud-Din Keerio, Lal Bakhsh Qureshi

Population Dynamics of Insect Pests of Indian Squash (Citrullus Vulgaris)
Lal Bakhsh Qureshi, Jan Muhammad Mari, Babar Hussain Chang, Fida Hussain Magsi, Waqar Ahmed Chandio, Ammara Rajput, Azhar Uddin Keerio, Zulfiqar Ali Ujjan

Study of Flare Related Intense Geomagnetic Storms with Solar Radio Burst and JIMF
Preetam Singh Gour, Shiva Singh, Arun Kumar

The effect of space (Proxemic) on teachers - students’ interaction in the classroom
Alhusein Tagaldeen Ahmed Gasmallah, Dr. Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Enhancement of Water Use Efficiency of Wheat Utilizing Deficit Irrigation Concept
Adnan Shbar Falih, Alaa Ali Hussein, Taraq L. Rasheed, Ibrahim B. Razaq

Effect of Foliar- Applied potassium Fertilizer on Sunflower Water use efficiency under deficit irrigation Concept
Adnan Shbar Falih, Husamuldeen Ahmed Tawfeeq, Sadeq J. H. Dwenee, Ibrahim B. Razaq

Abnormal Cardiotocography and Perinatal Outcome
Eva R. Nandi, Nurun N. Khanam, Fatema Ashraf, Gopen K. Kundu, Jinnat A. Islam, Farhana Parveen, Jannatara Shefa

Frequency and association of microalbuminuria with target organ damage in hypertensive patients
Md. Mahfuzer Rahman, Ratindra Nath Mondal, Akter Banu, Moni Rani, Azmeri Alam, AKM Shaheduzzaman, Md. Shafiul Alam, Md. Zakir Hossain, Md Tayef Anjum

Nutritional Status of 7-12 Years Children from Rural Part of Rangpur City, Bangladesh
Abdullah Al Mamun, Md Altaf Hossain, Masuma Afrin Aynee, Dipika Majumder, Mobashwer Ahmed, Abu Naser Md. Sazzad Hossain, Saeed Mohammad Yeahyea, Khodadad Maruf, Ashraf Elahi

Teaching the Addition of Two Natural Numbers Within 5: A Study Based on “Mathematization”
Nguyen Phu Loc, Nguyen Thi Hong Duyen

Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of Foreign Tourist to Can Gio Ecotourism Destination of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Nguyen Thanh Long

Impact of Credibility of Celebrity Endorser on Purchase Intention and Advertising Effectiveness: Moderating Role of Experience
Samia Moqaddas, Sumbal Arif, Qasim Ali Nisar, Anam Bhatti

Impact of Brand Image, Brand Trust and Advertisement on Consumer Loyalty & Consumer Buying Behavior
Wahab Ali, Shahbaz Arshad, Haris Naveed, Ali Abbas, Qasim Ali Nisar

Farmers’ Awareness about Land Degradation and their Attitude towards Land Management Practice in Gozman district, North west Ethiopia
Zelalem Yekoye Alemayehu

Assessment of PT, APTT, fibrinogen level among Sudanese patients with Systemic lupus erythematosus
Israa Modther Mohammed, Alya Ahmed Salman

Quality Concern and NAAC Accreditation in TEIs of Bihar and Jharkhand
Kumar Sanjeev, Sudhakar Prasad Singh

Distribution and Occurrence of Copepoda in Tigris River, and effect of Diyala River on its Biodiversity
Enaam K. Abbas, Muhanned R. Nashaat, Fatima Sh. Moftin, Eman H. Ali

Theoretical Comparison between a Traditional Anaerobic Digestion and an Innovative One
Ezio Di Bernardo, Dario Pozzetto, Simone Rocco

Assessment of Lipid Profile Parameters among Sudanese Pregnant Diabetic Patients
Imad Eldin Ahmed Ibrahim, Abdelwahab Hassan, Afra Hassan SaadEldin, Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

Cultural Clash and Identity Construction in Bharti Mukherjee’s Miss New India
Gunjan Gosain Oberoi, Jyoti Sharma

Effect of Drought on the Mobility of Foliar-Applied Boron in the Plants
A. Shrestha, T. Eichert, M. A. Wimmer

Effective Methods for Teaching and Learning ESP Vocabulary in EFL Classes
Halima Abdullah Hajahmed Zahran

Identification of English for Specific Purpose (ESP) in its Ultimate Relation with Language Approaches
Halima Abdullah Hajahmed Zahran

The impact of poverty and the level of parents’ education on violence against children in the family
Armen Mustafa

Panchayati Raj Finances in Chhattisgarh State, India
Ashok Kumar Jaiswal

A New Approach of Ziegler-Nichols Rules for Tuning PID Controllers
Hamzé Haidar Alaeddine, Mohamad A. Houssini, Alaa A. Ghaith

Development and Evaluation of the Oracle Intelligent Tutoring System (OITS)
Rami Aldahdooh, Samy S. Abu Naser

Conducting Action Research in Classroom Setting
Nahid Ali Abdelhameed Ali

Improving Teaching Quality and Classroom Practice (A case study of Reading Comprehension-Jebel Awliya Locality-Secondary School)
Nahid Ali Abdelhameed Ali

Contribution of Rural Women to their Household Food Utilization
Zilkad Nasrin, M Zulfikar Rahman, M Jiaul Hoque, M Walid Hossain

Adaptive Intelligent Tutoring System for Learning Computer Theory
Mohammed A. M. Al-Nakhal, Samy S. Abu Naser

Knowledge-based Intelligent Tutoring System for Teaching Mongo Database
Mohanad M. Hilles, Samy S. Abu Naser

Design and Development of an Intelligent Tutoring System for C# Language
Bashar G. H. Al-Bastami, Samy S. Abu Naser

ADO-Tutor: Intelligent Tutoring System for leaning ADO.NET
Ibrahim A. El Haddad, Samy S. Abu Naser

Regression in Education: a Consequence of Romani’s Way of Living
Yzedin Hajdaraj

Harmonized School Management: A Product of Law-based Communication Behavior (Management Experience in BDK High School, Berat, Albania)
Yzedin Hajdaraj

The restriction of the right of ownership under the Italian and Albanian Constitution
Alikaj Valbona

The restriction of the right of ownership under the Italian and Albanian Constitution
Alikaj Valbona

Maximizing Irrigation Water Productivity for Corn (Zea Mays) by using Deficit Irrigation
Husamuldeen A. Tawfeeq, Adnan Sh. Falih, Alaa A. Hussein, Ibrahim B. Razaq, Husham S. H. Al-Obaidi

Relation between sexual dysfunction and infertility based on hormonal profile
Ammar Mustafa Osman, Liza, Adel Nasr Morsi

Job Satisfaction and Retention in Business Process Outsourcing in Clark Freeport Zone
Maria Dulce De Leon-Fidellaga

Employability of Business Graduates in the Province of Pampanga
Maria Lina T. Ramoneda

Integrating Information Literacy Subject into Universities’ Curricular towards Achieving Life-Long Learning Habit among Students: A Case of Selected Universities in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
Jaffar Msafiri Ponera, Prosper J. Kimaro

Study of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Females in Sinnar Teaching Hospital
Tawadod Hamza Abubaker, Yagoub Abdalla, Abdulrahman Abdullahi Ishag

Architecture and the Green Urbanism of Africa’s Urban Built Environment: The Omen towards Smart Cities in Africa
Adiukwu, Fidelis Onyekachi, Adedeji, Afolabi, Adiukwu, Fayokemi Funmilola

Transgender Issues in Pakistani Community
Kamran Saddique, Chen Gang, Sindhu Mirbehar, Hassa Batool, Intikhab Ahmad

Evaluating the Efficiency of Trichogramma evanecense on the Corn stem borer, Sesamia cretica Led. under field conditions
Haider Hameed Nawar, Bassim Shehab Hamad, Zahira A. Al-Gharbawi, Mustafa Dhari Al-Marsoomy

Increase Helianthus annuus L. tolerance for NaCl in vitro and in vivo
Zainab F. Mahmood, Kadhim M. Ibrahim

M. G. Vassanji’s Uhuru Street: A Communal Cocoon in a Foreign Land
Aditi Vahia

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and the Challenges of Human Capacity Development in Nigeria
Opara, Oguchialu U., Eboh, Emmanuel A.

Religious Situation in Durres City in the Middle Age
Muhamet Qerimi

Ragusans’ diplomatic service in Kosovo during the 14th – 15th centuries
Muhamet Mala

Field Efficacy of Some Insecticides for Controlling Jasmine Whitefly, Aleuroclava jasmini on Citrus
Mohammed Z. Khalaf, Hussain F. Alrubeai, Ali A. Sultan, Haithm S. Khalaf

Potential motivational factors that are associated with working in tobacco factory
Md. Enamul Haque, Md. Shofiul Azam

Paternal education level plays a vital role during the childhood measles vaccination
Md. Enamul Haque, B.M. Rajib Ahmed, Md. Shofiul Azam

Measuring Interest Rate Risk through Value at Risk Models (VaR) in Albanian Banking System
Peter Saraçi

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