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Volume:  IV Issue:  XI Of  February,2017
Philosophical Orientation of Teachers and its Influence on their Teaching Performance
Arturo G. Palaming

Teaching Vocabulary: Theory and Practice
Clarissa M. Palaming

Advance System Design and Implementation: A Consumer Products Company Description Its Application to Support Retail Sales and Architecture Design
Allysa Ashley M. Palaming

Selected Concepts of Multimedia
Allysa Ashley M. Palaming

Generating Writing Ideas Using Journalistic Approach
Maricel M. Palaming

An English Laboratory: Task Based Activities
Nor Adrian M. Palaming

Challenges to Water Sanitation Information in Oyo State
Adewole, W. A., Akintaro, O. S., Adeyemi, F. G.

A Study of Thematic Relations in Joseph Conrad's short story "The Nigger of the Narcissus"
Sajida Razzaq Ali, Faiza Ahmed Mohammed

The effect of dietary methionine restriction and the mechanism of glucose and lipid metabolism in obese induced C57BL/6 Mice
Mariama Mamie Lahai, Wang Yanan, Zhang Jiahong, Guo Haitao, Guowei Le

Road Network Performance Evaluation: Empirical Evidence from Assosa Town
Kokeb Zena Besha

Quantifying the Impacts of Poor Maintenance on Urban Infrastructures in Ethiopia: Drainage System as a Case Study
Kokeb Zena Besha

The Effects of Inadequate Urban Drainage System on Pavement Performance in Ethiopia
Kokeb Zena Besha

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) Competitiveness to the Mindset of Its Selected Executives
Rey S. Guevarra

Serological Evidence of Blutongue Virus Serotype 9 Circulation in Albania Cattle during 2012-2013
Klodian Dedolli, Anita Koni, Gani Moka, Ruzhdi Keçi, Xhelil Koleci

The Identification of Dyslexia
Enkeleda Sako

Role and Economic Impact of Interest Rate as a Tool of Saudi Monetary Policy in Light of the International Financial Crisis
Mahmud Hosni Al-Ataibi

The Expansion of Al-Zughair Transform for Solving Euler’s Equation
Ali Hassan Mohammed, Bashir Abd Al-Rida Sadiq, Ayman Mohammed Hassan Ali

Recovery of chromium from chrome shaving dust
Ashiqur Rahaman, Md Didarul Islam, Md Moshrur Raihan

Assessment of Governance Operation System of the Locally-Funded Campuses of the Polytechnic University of The Philippines: Basis for a Proposed Enhancement
Rufo N. Bueza

Translating Bollywood Poetics and Problematic of Subtitling for the German-Speaking Countries
Aftab Husain Shah

Medieval Hungary’s relations with the Albanian feudal families of Topia and Balshaj
Muhamet Mala

Spectrophotometric Measurements of Some Inorganic Contaminants in Ground Water Samples
Omer Adam M. Gibla, Esraa Omer Adam Mohammed

Importance of Destinations Branding- Case Study of Shkodra Region
Brilanda Bushati, Anila Medja

Cytogenetical Analyses of Some Astragalus Species Spreading in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Territory
Dashgin Ganbarov, Musa Piriyev, Aliyar Ibrahimov, Tofiq Aliyev Emin Mammadov

Venice Efforts to Conquer Durres in the Medieval Age
Muhamet Qerimi

Opoja and Gora according to the Serb Author Milisav Lutovac
Muharrem Qafleshi

The Cyclic Decomposition of the Factor Group cf(Q2m×D5,Z) /R ¯(Q2m×D5) when m = p, p?2, is prime number
Atheer Razzaq Jasim, Naser Rasool Mahmood

A Comparative Study of Socioeconomic Characteristics between Two Villages in the Teknaf Peninsula
Ullah SM Asik, Hiroshi Tsuruta, Masakazu Tani, Md Abiar Rahman

The role of short stories in improving linguistic and intercultural aspects for Sudanese EFL undergraduates, College of languages
Osman Elfadol Elzubair

Translation problems and solutions
Osman Elfadol Elzubair

Coagulation profile (Prothrombin Time, Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time, D-dimer) in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in Sudanese patients
Duaa Mohy Aldeen Mohammed, Dr. Amira Ahmed K. Humeida

Teaching is Skillful, Complex but Can Be Learnt and Taught
Chetna Arora

Developing General Practice Information Systems to Support ‘GOOD’ Consultations Using the DSDM AternFramework
Sabah Mohammed Fayadh Alyasiri, Elham Mohammed Thabit Abdalameer

Developing an Electronic Store for Toys
Sabah Mohammed Fayadh Alyasiri

Designing an industry effective high impact MBA program in a non-linear world: A Critical Perspective
Abhijit Ganguly

SQL Injection Attacks and Bypass Filtration
Islam Abdalla Mohamed Abass

Driving indicators for implementation of sustainable procurement behavior and practices
Shahid Nadeem, Mohamad Hanapi bin Mohamad, Nik Ab. Halim bin Nik Abdullah

Impact of HR Practices on University Teachers’ job motivation: A case study of the Universities of Lahore, Pakistan
Sajid Ali Khan, Naila Yosuf, Uamara Sheikh, Imtiaz Najam

Women empowerment through income generating activities: Role of NGOs credit program in sub-division Bagh Azad Kashmir
Bushra Manzoor

Efficiency Assessment of the Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP), MIDC Chincholi, Solapur
Shrikant H. Pawar, Satish S. Patil

Effect of Biochar and Various Sources of Organic Manures on Soil Properties in Nawalparasi, Nepal
S. Bhatta, K.R. Pande, B.R. Khanal, S. Marahatta, Surya Dhungana

Grain Quality Evaluation of Traditional Aromatic rice varieties of Nepal
Surya Dhungana

Biomonitoring of Wetland Using Macrophytes and Macroinvertebrates
D.M. Bajracharya, K.K. Pant, Surya Dhungana

Road Crash Incidents in Metro Manila: A Cross-Sectional Analysis
Norie L. Maniego

Review of Impact on Changing Fiscal System (Value added tax) in Albania
Peter Saraçi, Suzana Kokici, Elidiana Bashi

Measuring Operational Risk through Value at Risk Models (VaR) in Albanian Banking System
Peter Saraçi, Suzana Kokici, Elidiana Bashi

Dietary Fibers Effect from Mango Peels and Date Seeds on Rheological properties of Arabic Bread Quality: A Novel approach on applying Fuzzy Modeling in Studying Rolling/Folding and Tearing values
Abu-Ghoush, Mahmoud; Al-Dalali, Sam Saleh; Aleid, Salah Mohammed; Samhouri, Murad

A book review: ‘Perception and Production of Mandarin Tones by Native Speakers and L2 Learners’
David, Bei Yang

Students' Perceptions & Satisfaction of Using Edmodo Platform as a Management Learning System for learning English at the Community College for Female, Jazan University
Mona Mohammed Alhassan Bakheit Hamid

An Analysis of Algerian Arabic/Modern Standard Arabic Code Switching in Algeria. The Case of Algerian National TV Advertisements
Amel Mebarki

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