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Past Manuscript List:
Volume:  I Issue:  V Of  August,2013
Simplifying Handwritten Characters Recognition Using a Particle Swarm Optimization Approach
Majida Ali Abed and Hamid Ali Abed Alasadi

Organizational Climate as a Predictor of Teacher Effectiveness
Ajay Babu and Mandakini Kumari

Sri Aurobindo’s Thesis on Resistance Passive or Active
Debashri Banerjee

Educational Library and Communication Services Provision to the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Patrons in Nigerian Libraries
J. N. Chima and Michael Eskay

Evaluation of Carcass Quality of Growing Rabbits (Oryctolagus cunniculus) Fed Soybean (Glycine max), Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) and Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan)
D. M. Chisowa , J. P. Mtimuni, R. K. D. Phoya and M. G. G. Chagunda

The Interaction of Legal Justifications Relevant to the Medical Profession in Criminal Law
Rezarta Demneri

Library and Information Service Delivery for the Blind and Physically Challenged in University of Nigeria Nsukka Library
Michael Eskay and J. N. Chima

A Research Note: An exploration on the intellectual learning process of systems thinking by managers in the digital social media ecosystem
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

The Assessment of Human Development Indicators in Iran
Hassan Houshyar and Wahid Rasolzadeh

The Poetry of Sarojini Naidu: A Canvas of Vibrant Pageantry of Folk Traditions
Meeta Ajay Khanna

Normalization: Guiding Principle of Equal Opportunities in Education for Children with Disabilities in India
Akhilesh Kumar

Can Social Skills Predict Wellbeing? : An Exploration
A.Radhakrishnan Nair, Sreehari Ravindranath and Joseph Thomas

Natural Order of Vocabulary Acquisition
Muhammad Shaban Rafi

The Place of Music in Olókogbè Festival in Pónyàn Community Kogi State, Nigeria
Titus Olusegun Stephen

The Paradoxes of Romanian Pop / Rock / Folk in Communist Romania
George Volceanov

Education 3.0: Effect learning style and method of instruction on user satisfaction

Urban Housing Problems: A Micro-Level Study on Residential Houses of Tibetan Community in Srinagar City
Tawseef Yousuf, Tawheed Yousuf and Shamim Ahmad Shah

Elements of Monsoon Circulation and its Behavior Impact over Pakistan
Arif Zubair, A.Farhan Khan and Muhammad Umer Khan

Determination of Trace Elements with respect to its Suitability for Drinking and Irrigation in Hub Dam, Pakistan
Arif Zubair, Abeda Begum,Muhammad Imran Nasir and Talat Mahmood

Comparative study to evaluate the effect of calcium carbide (cac2) as an artificial ripening agent on shelf life, physio-chemical properties, iron containment and quality of prunus persica l. Batsch
Talat Mahmood, Iftekhar Saeed, Humera Anwer, Iffat Mahmood, Arif Zubair

Potentiochromic Reduction of methylene Blue in Acidic Medium at Carbon Electrode
Talat Mahmood, Ahmad Ali, Iffat Mahmood, Sana Mustafa, Arif Zubair

Complexation and Antimicrobial activities of ß sitosterol with trace metals. (Cu (II), Co (II), and Fe (III))
Talat Mahmood, Yasmeen Bibi, Humera Ishaq, Iffat Mahmood, Aneela Wahab, Sikandar Sherwani

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