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Past Manuscript List:
Volume:  V Issue:  IV Of  July,2017
Time Series Analysis of Production and Price of Cattle and Milkfish in the Philippines
Ariane S. Angeles, Phylord D. Dayag, Roland A. Lazan

Determination of Overburden Thickness and Depth to Water-Bearing Strata Using Surface Geoelectric Data in Orlu Area, Southeastern Nigeria
Egbuachor, C.J., Nwozor, K.K.

Pedagogical Shift in Science
Samaresh Adak

Determination of Best Forecasting Method for Certain Types of Investment Methods in the Philippines
Frances Anne A. Castillo, Bryan S. Beato

A Sociological Investigation into the Criminal Behavior of Juvenile in District Jail Faisalabad
Muhammad Umar

Analysis on the Variation of Retail Price of Commercial Rice in the Philippines
Jenny G. Amora, Carmelita T. Cos, Joan A. Banal

Effect of Different Wheat Genotypes Differed by Date of Sowing and Establishment Methods
R. Acharya, S. Marahatta, S.K. Sah, Sandesh Bhatta, Surya Dhungana

E-resources in higher education: A review of research studies
Anjana, Rashmi Choudhuri

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Clostridium Difficile Infection
Dosieah Pooja, Dookhun Muhammad Nabeel, Lin Hui-Hua, Zhang Zhen-Yu

The Effect of Global Warming (Climate Change) on Mangroves of Indus Delta with Relevance to other Prevailing Anthropogenic Stresses A critical review
Syed Mohammed Saifullah

Impact of Technology Use on Secondary School Students’ Communicative Competence
Emtithal Alwasila Abdallah Ahmed, Mahmood Ali Ahmed

Factors Determining Code-Switching amongst Tutors of Preparatory Year English Language Programme
Emtithal Alwasila Abdallah Ahmed, Mahmood Ali Ahmed

Prophet Noah and Nackchivan – the Cradle of Mankind
Sanam Pashayeva

The flora biodiversity of the ravines of the Korchay State Nature Reserve
V. S. Novruzov, U. V. Bayramova

Environmental Consciousness in Kalidasa’s Abhijnanasakuntalam and Shakespeare’s As You like It
Naveen K. Mehta

Informal Sector of Waste Disposal Management: Desirable or Redundant?
Tanvi Khurana

Economic Importance & Valuation of Non-Timber Forest Products
Tanvi Khurana

Shift from Wealth Tax to Additional Surcharge on Super-Rich in India: Equity v/s Efficiency
Tanvi Khurana

Collective Action and Climate Change
Aishwary Kant Gupta, Tanvi Khurana

Nuruddin Farah’s Women: A Challenge to Somalian Patriarchal System
Bilal Ahmad Dar

Exploring Contours of Effective Change Management As Panacea For Organization Revival, Growth And Futurization –A Strategic Perspective
Abhijit Gangopadhyay, Waqas Rafiq

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