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Volume:  I Issue:  VI Of  September
Education of Children with Special Needs: A Critical Analysis with Special Reference in Chhattisgarh State of India
Rajnish Kumar Arya

Perception of Single Women towards Marriage, Career and Education
Nimisha Beri and Anoop Beri

Liberté, égalité, laïcité Gender issues in the actual Romanian society
Ilinca Bernea

Satyajit Ray’s Documentary Film “Rabindranath” : A Saga of Creative Excellence
Ratan Bhattacharjee

E.M. Cioran. History and Exile
Iulian Boldea

Representation of Race in Four Shakespearean Plays: Titus Andronicus, Othello, Antony and Cleopatra, The Merchant of Venice
Uddalak Dutta

Information, Education, and Health Needs of Youth with Special Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa for Achieving Millennium Development Goals
M. Eskay, J. N. Chimah and Uche D. Asogwa

Relation between Bank Loans and Unemployment in the European Countries
Ismet Göçer

A Study of Employee Retention with Special Reference to Indian Tourism Industry
Neha Gupta

An endeavor to render an impressionistic image of Enlightening Management Education in Multiperspective, Systems-based Research
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Videographical Analysis of Arm Swing on Spike Jump Performance of Two Different Functional Classes’ Volleyball Players
Ikram Hussain, Arif Mohammad and Asim Khan

The Neuropyrosis Theory of Depression and Alzheimer's Disease
Anand Madhu Kumar

An Effective Approach of Various Routing Mechanisms to Optimize the MANET and VANET Performance
Dhilip Kumar, Debdatta Kandar and C.K.Sarkar

Effect of Perceived Social Support on Life Satisfaction of University Students
Dimpy Mahanta and Megha Aggarwal

Solvatochromic effect of Methylene Blue in different solvents with different polarity
Talat Mahmood*, Faiza Anwer, Iffat Mahmood, Farah Kishwar and Aneela Wahab

A Novel Algorithmic approach for solving Sudoku puzzle in Guessed Free Manner
Arnab K. Maji, Sudipta Roy and Rajat K. Pal

The Relationship between Education Expenditure and Economic Growth in Turkey: Bounds Testing Approach
Mehmet Mercan

Shelley’s Prometheus and Milton’s Satan: Exploring an Uneasy Kinship
Piyas Mukherjee

Lexical categorization of language units of the sphere «clothes» in the English language
Volha Murashka and Viktoriya Pasenka

Spectrophotometric Determination of Sudan I-IV Dyes in Selected Chili Samples: A Survey of Karachi City, Pakistan
Sana Mustafa, Nughza Nasir, Talat Mahmood, Iffat Mahmood, Rashid Ali Khan and Saima Khaliq

Couple Relations, Decision-making Hierarchy and Use of Maternal Health Care in Rural Uganda
Viola Nyakato and Charles B. Rwabukwali

Identity of Muslim Women in Hindi Movies
Kumar Parag

Urdu and English in E-discourse Variation in the Theme of Linguistic Hegemony
Muhammad Shaban Rafi

Internet: A Tool to Interlink Indian Diaspora
Raveesh S.

Relationship between Lichen Planus and Helicobacter pylori positive patients in Karachi Pakistan
WSikandar Khan Sherwani, Syed Hani Hassan Abidi, Faisal Rasheed, Jehan Alam, Muhammad Shoaib and Shahana U. Kazmi

Bioinformatics Study of the Sequence Analysis and Secondary Structure Prediction of Avicennia marina glyoxalase I protein
Uzma Jabeen, Arif Zubair, Waseem Ahmed, Bushra Nazir and Sikandar Khan Sherwani

Indo-Tibetan Friendship Scenario of Uttarakhand, India
Seema Varma

Revisiting Modern Art in India prior to Independence: A capsule account of beginnings, confrontations, conflicts and milestones
Wasim Mushtaq Wani

Drivers of India’s Water Turbulence
Sonaje N. P.

Hand washing concerns and trends of male chefs/cooks working in hotels and restaurants: A survey in Karachi-Pakistan
Sikandar Khan Sherwani, Haroon Ahmad, Faisal Rasheed, Omm-E-Hany, Aftab Khan, Abdul Ghaffar, Wajahat Nadeem, Shahana U. Kazmi

Perspective on Human Resources as a Result of Economic Changes
Arsim Gjinovci

Finite Element Simulation of Simple Bending Problem and Code Development in C++
Abdul Wasy, Munawar Iqbal, Jung Il Song

Thymol, an Active Constituent of Nigella Sativa, could Reduce Toxicity of Some Trace Metals (Fe(III),Cr(VI),Cu(II),V(IV) and Co(II))
Farah Kishwar, Iffat Mahmood, Talat Mahmood, Qamar-ul-Haq

In vitro Nematicidal and fungicidal effects on oil of Origanum syriacum from Palestine against root-knot nematode and Fusarium Solani plant pathogens
Iffat Mahmood, Talat Mahmood, Sana Mustafa, Aneela Wahab

Reviews of the Synoptic Patterns of the Most Severe Droughts, Watershed of Urumiyeh Lake
Hassan Houshyar, Abdullah Ahmadi

Impact of Students’ Mathematical Beliefs and Self-regulated Learning on Mathematics Ability of University Students
Velo Suthar, Aijaz Ali Khooharo

Antibacterial activity of two medicinal plants: Withania somnifera and Curcuma longa
Qaiser Jamal, Shahzad Munir, Sikandar Khan Sherwani, Mohammad Sualeh, Uzma Jabeen, Muhammad Saqib Malik and Mubashir Hussain

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