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DRJI Value : 5.9 (B+)
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Volume:  V Issue:  XI Of  February,2018
Occupational Health and Safety Risks among the Municipal Solid Waste Collectors in Al Leith
Alshebli Ahmed, Omer Ibrahim, Mohammed Ahmed Fouad, Abdalmohsin Alomari, Hani Albgali, Mnwer Alfahmi, Saleh Alyazidi

Lipid peroxidation products in fry of Labeo rohita and Cyprinus carpio on exposure to sub lethal cadmium: A comparative study
Surya Kumari Vadlamani, Charan Kumar Basuri, Prabhakara Rao Yallapragada

Mapping peri-urbanization in a non-primate city: A case study of Burdwan, India
Mohammad Arif, Krishnendu Gupta

Cooperation in the fight against global terrorism
El Benni Ammar

International Trade and its Impact on Economic Growth of Pakistan
Wajeeh Ullah

Literary Virtual Games: Magical Portals within Fiction
Amruta Marpakwar

An investigation into the poor performance of Red Sea University students in listening comprehension skill: A Case Study at Red Sea University in Port Sudan (2017-2018)
Yagoub Uthman Mohammed Ahmed, Ienas Ahmed Abdel Rahman Fadel

Diagnostic Value of Serum Osteopotin in Ovarian Cancer Patients
Rimaz Alhag Gurashi, Moawia E. Hummeida, F. G. Abdelaziz

Traditional Market Days and Modern Marketing Communication in South-East Nigeria
Charles Daniel Enyia, Sylva Ezema Kalu

Biopolitics and Environmental Crises: An Ecomarxist Study of The 786 Cybercafé
Tayyiba Maryam

Surveillance of community acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and possible risk factors for health care providers in Hospitals and cancer centers
Soha M. Hussien, Rana Sabry, Ramy Helmy, Nada Abbas

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