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Volume:  V Issue:  XII Of  March,2018
Mosquito species composition in White Nile state, Sudan
Egbal Bashir Ibrahim Elmalih, Shawgi Mohamed Hassan

An Anatomical Overview on Deltoid Ligament of the Ankle and its Biomechanics
Abdul Aleem Khan, Yi Qiu Jiang, Kai Bin Zhang, Tianqi Tao, Yang Li, Jian Chao Gui

The Social Isms, Effect and Trends of Building Collapse in Urban Africa
Fidelis Onyekachi Adiukwu

The New Taxis of Ferns in the North East Section of the Lesser Caucasus
L. N. Verdieva, A. M. Asgarov

Discourses on the Relation of Science and Religion: An Islamic Paradigm of Education
Anis Malik Thoha

Prosperity of Arabic Literature and Arts in Umayyad Era
Salahuddin Mohd. Shamsuddin, Siti Sara Binti Hj. Ahmad

Some further conceptual clarification of the recently proposed agile literature review approach (ALRA)
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Parental monitoring and their knowledge about the cyberbullying phenomenon among teenagers - Case study in the city of Durres-
Kostandin Vasilini, Irida Agolli, Matilda Memaj

Cyberbullying and Sexting. A literature review about characteristics of bullying teenagers and their victims
Kostandin Vasilini, Irida Agolli, Matilda Memaj

Antifungal and Anticancerous activity of 5-methyl-phenazine-1-carboxylic acid: Candida albicans CA ATCC10231 - Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA01 interaction bioactive metabolite
Tiroyaone Shimane Tshikantwa, Muhammad Wajid Ullah, Xiaohong Li, Guang Yang

Associated Abnormalities of Deltoid Ligament of the Ankle- A Review
Abdul Aleem Khan, Yi Qiu Jiang, Kai Bin Zhang, Tianqi Tao, Yang Li, Jian Chao Gui

Effect of host plant, cultivation media and inoculants sources on propagation of mycorrhizal fungus Glomus Mossae
Naeem Saeed Dheyab, Wafaa H. Hassoon, Hayder Hameed Nawar, Hadi Mahdi Aboud, Doaa Abbas Hanoon, Baraa Hassan Hamzaa

Albanians between the Western and Eastern Church during the 11th -15th Centuries: Religious and Political Affiliations
Gjon Berisha

Exploring Different Dimensions of Love in the Novel Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence
Jyoti Sharma

The dynamics of research changing role in Albania in its way to knowledge-based economy
Aida Lahi

The Negative Impact of Poverty in Charles Dickens’ Novels
Tagwa Khalifa Saeed Alhassan, Sahar Mohammed Osman Mohammed

Integrating structure conduct and performance framework for maize seed value chain analysis in western Nepal
Rajendra Prasad Mishra, G. R. Joshi, J. P. Dutta

The Impact of Solid Waste on the Ecosystem of Quetta
Afifa Noor, Muhammad Anwar Panezai, Jahangir Khan Achakzai, Samina Gul, Abdul Manan Kakar, Nazima Yousaf Khan, Ajab Khan Tareen, Muhammad Imran

Militating factors against participation of internees in internship training programmes across selected Universities in South Western Nigeria
O. S. Akintaro, I. O. Oladosu, F. A. Kuponiyi

Estimation of plasma uric acid level among Sudanese preeclamptic women in Kosti city, Sudan
Mohamed Osman Ali, Al-megdad Adam Ahmed Mohammed, Mohammed Adam Omer Abdulla, Musa Mohammed Musa Sbah Alkhair

Analyzing War, Construction and Journey Metaphors in Obama's Political Discourse
Mustafa Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed

Rhetorical Analysis of State of the Union Addresses
Mustafa Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed

Juvenile Delinquency in Bangladesh: Causes and Challenges
Sabrina Sultana Jesmin

Administration of Juvenile Justice System in Bangladesh
Sabrina Sultana Jesmin

Optimization of Shaped Charge Parameters for Oil Well Perforation
Ali Mohammed Ali Mohammed Zain, Eimad Alden Elhadi Musa

Simulation of Internal Ballistics Solid Rocket Motor
Magdi Abelrazig Elhag Mohamed, Mohamed Eltayeb Mansour

Modernization of Arab Linguistic Sciences in Modern Age
Salahuddin Mohd. Shamsuddin, Siti Sara Binti Hj. Ahmad

The Relationship between Multiple Intelligences and Success in Foreign Language Learning: Case study of Albanian Learners of Turkish as a Foreign Language
Erol Sögütlü, Enriketa Sogutlu, Lokman Coskun

Investigating the Effectiveness of the Content of the Arabic Language Curriculum in Indonesia: National University of Malang for Sample
Achmad Yani Bin Imam Subari, Salih Mahgoub Mohamed Eltingari, Mohamad Yahya Ashari, Agus Mahfudin, Mochamad Samsukardi

The Factors Affecting Nepal’s Trade: Gravity Model Analysis
Sunil Kumar Chaudhary, Li Xiumin, Muhammad Kamran Khan

A Critical Study of the Industrial Policy of Pakistan: Problems, Prospects and Solutions
Suwaibah Qadri, Samra Sarfraz Khan

The implication of the United Nations bodies to settle the Franco-Comorian dispute over the island of Mayotte
Abdallah Mourtadhoi

Conceptual Framework of Risk Perception of Natural Disasters in Agriculture
Bitila Zhuli, Dorina Ciko

A modified Method of Preparing Thick Blood Films for the Examination of Malaria Parasites among Patients in Kosti City, White Nile State, Sudan
Abdalmoneim M. Magboul, Hafiz Y. Mohammed, Mohammed A. Suliman, Ibrahim M. Elhassan, Rabah M. Ibrahim, Ammar A. Abdalla, Ebtihal I. Abdallah, Mervat S. Abdallah

Political Culture and Ideal Democracy in Nigeria
Lauisa N. Amaechi

Tempo-Spatial Characterization in John Updike’s The City: Literary Narrative Dynamics
Abdullah H. Kurraz

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