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Volume:  VI Issue:  I Of  April,2018
Optimization of multilayer composite for solid rocket motor case using genetic algorithm
Mohammed A. Abdalla, Mohamed Talballa Elsheikh

Investigation of Cryptosporidium Species Antigen by ELISA Method in Stool Specimens Obtained from patients with Diarrhoea in Kosti Teaching Hospital, White Nile State, Sudan
Hafiz Y. Mohammed, Abdalmoneim M. Magboul, Mohammed A. Suliman

Mental imagery in psychoanalysis, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches: literature review
Dorina Bedhia

Natural Phytochemicals Induces Apoptosis in Cervical Cancer Cell Line: A Comparative Preliminary Study
Mohammad Azhar Imran, Abbas Ali Mahdi, Najmul Islam

Effect of adding linseed oil on in vitro gas and methane production and some fermentation characteristics
A. H. Kuttar, Majid Hamid Rashid, Ashwaq Abd Ali

Madness as a Cross-Racial Predicament in Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea
Muhammad Azmat

Double Colonization in Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea: A Postcolonial Feminist Critique
Muhammad Azmat

The status of scale insects in stone fruit trees in Albania
Alketa Zeqiri, Rexhep Uka

Custos e retorno na produção de mel no município de Cacoal-RO (Brasil)
Cleberson Eller Loose, Rosineide Pontes Duarte, Rogério Simão

Personality Influence and Democratic Challenges in Nigeria: A Case of Godfatherism and the 2015 Election
Badamasi Saidu, Ummu Atiyah Binti Ahmad Zakuan, Kamarul Zaman Bin Haji Yusoff

Analysis of Compression Techniques for DNA Sequence Data
Shakeela Bibi, Javed Iqbal, Adnan Iftekhar, Mir Hassan

Association of symmetric cosmic ray intensity decreases with CMEs, solar flares and interplanetary shocks
Preetam Singh Gour, Shiva Soni, Arun Kumar

Assessment of Alyssum murale Waldst. & Kit. behavior on an infertile ultramafic area in Albania
Eridana Çuni, Petrit Harasani, Adrian Doko, Vjola Bakillari, Fatbardh Sallaku, Aida Bani, Seit Shallari

Assessment of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Himalayan Wetland Deoria Tal
Ramesh C. Sharma, Sheetal Chaudhary, Anita Chauhan, Rahul Kumar, Sushma Singh, Vijayta Tiwari, Rama Kumari

Forest Enterprises in Pakistan: Past to Future
Muhammad Zada, Cao Yukun

Views on Possible Developments of Al Qaeda and ISIS
Cristian Troncota, Ammar El Benni

Gothic Hybridities and Narrative Mysteries: Matthew Lewis’s undeclared Sources and Influences from the Ancient Greeks to the Renaissance in The Monk
Maria Teresa Marnieri

Biofilm formation Inhibition Strategy: Recent Developments
Tiroyaone Shimane Tshikantwa, Muhammad Wajid Ullah, Guang Yang

Evaluation of Some Transplanted AUS Rice Genotypes for Morphology, Yield and Disease Incidence
Md. Sadiqur Rahman, Taslima Jahan, Dr. Syed Md. Mizanur Rahman, Md. Musfiqur Rahman, Dr. M. Moynul Haque, Dr. Md. Abu Ashraf Khan

Correlation of social trust to trust in institutions; which institutions and under which circumstances?
Dritan Taulla

Trust level matters; correlation of government openness to social trust in high and low trust societies
Dritan Taulla

Discourse and Discourse Analysis: Key Concepts
Amel Mebarki

School Based Management Practices among Selected Laboratory High Schools in the National Capital Region: Basis for Policy Formulation
Lina Sotalbo-Felices

Performance Measurement in Services: Using Return on Investment to Human Capital
Reza Alami, Najla Shafighi, Majid Fattahi

Power transformer fault diagnosis based on noise detection using clustering and classifier ensemble
Mehdi Shokri Asrami, Ebrahim Akbari

Theorizing Deviant Consumer Socialization: With Special Reference to Compulsive Buying Behavior. A Review of Literature
Sachithra Somasiri, KPL Chandralal

Inclusive Teaching – The Role and responsibilities in Primary School, Case of Kosovo (Early experience of inclusive teachers in Kosovo)
Saranda Shatri

The role of the school principal in increasing the quality of teaching
Albulena Lala Zeqiri, Osman Osmani

A Hospital Based Study of Urinary Tract Infection among Visiting Patients: A Case of Selected Hospitals in Nigeria
Aishatu Abdullahi Adamu, Zubaida Aliyu Babando

Hydropower and Its Feasibility: Cost Benefit and Option Value Analysis
Sunil Kumar Chaudhary, Li Xiumin, Atif Saleem

Heating and Cooling Degree Days Approach for Determination Optimum Thermal Insulation Thickness for Building
Eltahir Khalid Mohammed Abdelgadir, Ali Mohammed Hamdan Adam, Obai Younis

The Past Tenses System of English and Arabic: A Contrastive Analysis
Abdul Mahmoud Idrees Ibrahim, Isam Eldin Awad Babiker Ahmed

Presenting Achievement of Stable Urban Revenue Model Ghaemshahr Municipality
Ali Ghafouri, Seyed Abdollh Khavari

Pathology of Iranian Furniture’s Production System, Marketing, Distribution and Sale
Mahdieh Nasrollahi, Seyed Abdollh Khavari

Model Improvement Behavior of Employees Insurance Companies in Iran, Mazandaran
Nabiallah Azizi, Seyed Abdollh Khavari

Investigating the Effect of Strategic Human Resource Planning In the Effectiveness of Industrial Plants (Case Study of Mazandaran Province)
Shahab Arasteh Manesh, Seyed Abdollh Khavari

Police and Fighting Corruption. Kosovo Case
Fitim Shishani

The Prevalence of Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus aureus Nasal Carriage among Medical Interns in the Academic Charity Teaching Hospital, Khartoum 2016
Ahmed M. Elsadig, Fatima Elsheikh, Ismail Mohamed Ismail

Common Grammatical Errors Made by the IGCSE Students (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Writing
Omara Elimam Mohamed Ahmed

Investigating Grammatical Errors Made by the IGCSE Students (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Writing
Omara Elimam Mohamed Ahmed

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