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Volume:  VII Issue:  I Of  April,2019
Investigating Corpus Usage by Sudanese Undergraduates in Learning English Collocations
Ibrahim Alsafi Abduldafi, Abdalla Yassin Abdalla

Economic Growth, Foreign Direct Investment and International trade, in 10 West African Countries
Ignatius Abasimi, Xuan Li

Analysis of Dose Distribution for the Gamma Krypton -85 Irradiation in Normal Conditions with Estimation of Cancer Risk Factor. A Case Study
Amaal A. Tawfik, H. El-Shanshoury

Maat vs. Isfet: A Study of Moral Dichotomy in Naguib Mahfouz’s “Evil Adored”
Sujatha Aravindakshan Menon

Gojri Language and Its Linguistic Features
Badar Zaman, Feng Qi

Causes and consequences of fire hazard in slum settlements in Dhaka city: A case study on Basbari and Kawran Bazaar slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Farhana Sharmin, Md. Rajib Hossain, M. Maksudur Rahman

Cultural Clash and East West Encounter in Anita Desai’s Bye Bye Blackbird
Ishrat Fatma, Shivani Vashist

English in Action: A Proposed Instructional Kit Reducing English Language Anxiety among Grade 9 Student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines Laboratory High School
Bian Kay A. Clemente

A Importância da Geração Solar Fotovoltaica na Matriz Energética
Márcio Glei Silva dos Santos, José Cláudio Moura Benevides, Glauber do Vale Medeiros

Stability difference in conventional and Islamic banks: Evidence from the Middle East and North African region
Alias Bin Mat Nor, Ahmed Rufai Mohammad, Mohamad Helmi Bin Hidthiir

A Correlation Study between Univariate Parametric and Non-Parametric Statistical Analysis to Identify Stable and High Yield Genotype of Grain Wheat
Sanaullah, Haider Shah, Ahmedullah, Muhammad Anwar Panezai, Jahangir Khan Achakzai, Abdul Manan Kakar

Full Vehicle Suspension System with In-Wheel Electric Motors
Abdussalam Ali Ahmed, Rafat S. A. Abumandil

Self Q-switched wavelength tunable Erbium-Ytterbium co-doped double clad fiber laser
I. M. Babar, M. Yasin

Customer Engagement as Determinant of Loyalty in the Nigerian Hospitality Domain
Muhammad Sani Gawuna, Maria Abdul Rahman, Normalisa M D Isa

Graphene Oxide Derived from Biomass and Their Potential Photocatalytic Application
M.S. Amir Faiz, C.A. Che Azurahanim

Impact of Rural Infrastructure on Rice Productivity in Kano State, Nigeria
Yusuf Tanko, Cheah Yong Kang, Rabiul Islam

Public Library Functions and Social Development of Users in Cross River State, Nigeria
Bassey, Umo Antigha; Uzoh, Essien Cobham; Bassey, Antigha Okon

A study of methods, approaches, and models of teaching English grammar to EFL students: A case of “Mehmet Akif” colleges, Tirana, Albania
Isa Erbas, Ergyst Shehu

Estudo para Escoamento de Águas Pluviais Através de Concreto Permeável na Cidade de Manaus
Pereira, Rubens Alberto Chagas; Brito, Charles Ribeiro de

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Teenage Girls regarding Menstruation
Rujina Yasmin, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Hussain, Syed Amir Gillani

Dimensionamento do Projeto Estrutural de Fundação Rasa do Tipo Sapata Utilizando a Metodologia de Velloso e Lopes para um Residencial Unifamiliar em Manaus – AM
Bruna Silva da Graça, Euler André Barbosa de Alencar

Political Parties Defection and Good Governance in Nigeria: A Critique
Bassey, Antigha Okon; Ikpeme, Bassey Ballantyne; Edet, Hayford Solomon

Industrial Democracy and Work Place Slavery: An Analysis of Public and Private Organisations in Nigeria
Bassey, Antigha Okon; Attah, Frank M.; Edet, Hayford Solomon

Mathematical Aspects of a Vibrating String
Celso Luis Levada, Huemerson Maceti, Carlos Awano, Tabata Vidal, Ivan José Lautenschleguer

Some Importance Models inspect to Survival Data Inference
Abu Elgasim Abbas Abow Mohammed

The Nexus between Asset Tangibility and Firms’ Financial Performance: A Panel Study of Non-Financial Firms Listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE)
Mohammed Musah, Yusheng Kong, Agyemang Andrew Osei

The Authority of Arbitrators to Order Security for Legal Costs in International Commercial Arbitration
Xhulio Doku

Aspects of Termination of Individual Employment Contract under Albanian Legislation
Xhulio Doku

Aspects of Marriage Contract under Albanian Legislation. Private International Law on International Marriages
Xhulio Doku

On Linearly S-Quasi-Armendariz Rings
Eltiyeb Ali, Ayoub Elshokry

International and Domestic integration among Islamic investment: Is there any co-movement?
Danish Mansoor, Danish Ahmed Siddiqui

The Importance of Time Effective Management and Planning of School Director
Marigonë Krypa, Arianit Krypa

Lean Construction Benefits Using Light Steel Framing as a Sustainable Construction Environment
Deusiani Kimberly Otas Farias Feitosa, Bruna Barbosa Matuti

Users evaluation for public parks: influences of location, season, gender and age
Enkelejd Lekaj, Zydi Teqja, Orjon Xhoxhi, Giulio Senes

Probability Analysis of Maximum Monthly Precipitation of Upper Indus Basin
Asif Iqbal, Syed Ahmad Hassan

The Future Perspective of Afghanistan’s Mineral Resources
Totakhil Saidrahman

To what extend rhetorical devices are adopted by political speaker to persuade people to achieve his own agenda
Hgaz Ali Babiker Ahmed, Abudel Mohamoud Ali Ahmed

Speeches act affect on the speakers’ discourse and the audiences' perception
Hgaz Ali Babiker Ahmed, Abudel Mohamoud Ali Ahmed

Socio-Economic Problems Faced by Transgenders and its Impact on their Lives in Tench Bhatta Rawalpindi
Mehreen Faiza

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement Restoring or Destroying Pashtoon's Pride; Social Media and International Media Coverage
Kamran Saddique, Liu Xiumei

O Reuso de Pneus Inserviveis como Estruturas de Suporte de Terras
Jadson da Silva Carvalho, Edson Andrade Ferrreira,Glauber do Vale de Medeiros

Concreto Permeável: Estudo de Caso Para Implantação como Drenagem Urbana na Cidade de Manaus
De Souza, João Victor ; De Brito, Charles Ribeiro

Knowledge regarding Safe Administration of Parenteral Medication among Nurses
Najma Parveen, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Hussain, Syed Amir Gilani

A Viabilidade do Uso da Pavimentação Emborrachada em Rodovias
Luan Henrique Cordeiro Caldas, Euler André Barbosa De Alencar

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