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Volume:  VII Issue:  II Of  May,2019
Proposta de Revitalização de Espaço Público para Implantação de Academia ao ar Livre no Bairro Cidade de Deus, na Cidade de Manaus
Felipe Oliveira Cardoso, Charles Ribeiro de Brito

An econometric analysis of the determinants of the exchange rate in Pakistan
Arshad Ullah Jadoon, Yangda Guang, Salman Khan, Haifa Kazouz

A Comparative Study on Machine Learning Tools Using WEKA and Rapid Miner with Classifier Algorithms C4.5 and Decision Stump for Network Intrusion Detection
Wathq Ahmed Ali Saeed Kawelah, Ahmed Salah Eldin Abdala

Identification of Problems Faced by Female Teachers in Consolidated Schools in Multan
Abida Khan, Najam ul Kashif, Hafiz Kosar, Huma Naz, Khalid Mahmood Khan, Anila Noor

Legal Protection of Personal Data and Privacy in the Function of the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms
Safet Krasniqi

Avaliação Mecânica e Física de Resíduo de Vidro em pó Como Agregado Miúdo em Concreto
Gilvana Magalhães Maciel, José Claudio Moura Benevides, Glauber do Vale de Medeiros

Librarian Services Quality and Student Satisfaction in University
Mohammed Nuhu, Abdullahi Hassan Gorondutse, Solomon Olubunmi

Análise Sobre o Reaproveitamento dos Resíduos Provenientes da Construção Civil em Manaus-AM
Raul Victor de Almeida Sena, Charles Ribeiro de Brito

Effects of Textile Policy on Profitability and Dividend Payout Ratio of Textile Industry in Pakistan
Ahsan Nawaz Sheikh, Danish Ahmed Siddiqui

Comparative Study of Resistance to Compression in Concrete with Construction Waste Aggregates and Demolition
Priscila Silva de Sousa, Euler André Barbosa de Alencar

Determination of Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antileishmanial Activities in Medicinal Plants and their Impacts on Human Life (A Review)
Atta Ur Rehman, Muhammad Anwar Panezai, Mudassir Asrar, Jahangi Khan Achakzai, Abdul Manan Kakar, Nazima Yousaf Khan, Ajab Khan Tareen, Muhammad Suleman, Abdul Baqi, Inayatullah, Hakellah

A Importância da Drenagem Urbana Sustentável Para o Desenvolvimento das Cidades
Francicley Gomes Cunha, Glauber Do Vale De Medeiros, Euler André Barbosa Alencar

Developing Patient Satisfaction Structure in Pakistan Health Care Perspective
Fahad Alam, Kamran Khan, Lai Yifei

Environmental Impact Assessment of Algae on Nuclear Power Plant Cooling System
M. S. Tawfik, Ramadan A.B.

Resíduos Sólidos da Construção Civil: Impactos Ambientais e Utilização na Pavimentação
Leon Shamir Ribeiro Israel, Edson Andrade Ferreira

Botanical-Geographical Analysis of High Mountainous Plants of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Flora
Saadet Aliyeva

Developing EFL Learners’ Speaking through Analysis of Cross -Cultural Interaction of Saudi Girls Students of Preparatory Year at NBU (NBU Preparatory Year KSA)
Rabaa Ibrahim Ahmed Hamed

Estudo de Viabilidade Econômica Aproveitando Água de Chuva em Torres de Resfriamento no Polo Industrial de Manaus
Vinicius De Lima Takahashi, Euler André Barbosa De Alencar

Dimensionamento do Sistema de Captação e Reservação de Águas Pluviais e Avaliação Econômica da Utilização para Fins não Potáveis em uma Residência na Região Urbana de Manaus - AM
Victor De Andrade Leite, Charles Ribeiro De Brito

Research Approval Assessment: An Approach to Cultivate Engineering Student’s Attention towards Engineering Curriculum
Muhammad Waqas, Jinsong Tao, Muhammad Umair, Muhammad Ali, Hussian Haider

Segurança do Trabalho em Obras de Pequeno Porte
Henrique dos Santos Magalhães, Charles Ribeiro de Brito

The Influence of House Helps on the Growth and Development of Pre-School Children in Calabar Municipality of Cross River State
Iyam, M. Arikpo

Patologia em Construção Civil: Problemas Estruturais no Conjunto Habitacional “Viver Melhor” em Manaus-AM
Jussara Freitas Sampaio, Euler André Barbosa De Alencar

The Impact of Teacher-Student Interaction on Student Motivation and Achievement
Shamim Akhtar, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani

Saneamento Básico e Seu Papel na Construção Civilem Obras na Cidade de Manaus -AM
Deizianny Garcia Magalhães, Charles Ribeiro De Brito

O Papel do Saneamento Básico no Combate a Degradação Ambiental Causada pela Construção Civil em Manaus-AM
Mayara Rafaela Soares Da Silva, Charles Ribeiro De Brito

Panorama da Implementação do Building Information Modeling (BIM) na Construção Civil Brasileira
Ana Paula De Lima Braga, Taan Silva Rodrigues, Edson Andrade Ferreira

Análise Bibliográfica Sobre a Importância e Qualidade da Pavimentação Asfáltica da Cidade de Manaus-AM
Jonis Ferreira de Oliveira Junior, Edson Andrade Ferreira

Potencial Biotecnológico das Bioenzimas em Construção Civil Aplicada a Estabilização de Solos
Taan Silva Rodrigues, Ana Paula De Lima Braga, Edson Andrade Ferreira, Elison De Souza Sevalho

On Two-Dimensional Motion of Incompressible Variable Viscosity Fluids with Moderate Peclet Number Via von-Mises Coordinates
Mushtaq Ahmed

Análise do Uso do Concreto Reciclado na Construção Civil em Manaus-AM
Jhon Klinsmann Paes Teixeira, Charles Ribeiro De Brito

Impact of Personal Factors on Students’ Academic Dishonesty in Higher Education: Evidence from Pakistan
Anam Fatima, Wan Ming

Contributo biotecnológico do Microbially Induced Carbonate Precipitation (MICP) aplicada a construção civil
Jéssica Cecília Freitas Da Silva, Charles Ribeiro De Brito, Elison De Souza Sevalho

Panorama da Acessibilidade Urbana em Manaus-AM
Victor Lucas De Cunha Brito, Charles Ribeiro De Brito

Poliestireno Expandido – EPS como Isolamento térmico para a geração de conforto
Jerusa Helena De Oliveira Ferreira, Arnaldo Machado Da Silva

The Impact of “Black Swan Events” on Beta and Returns: Evidence from Shanghai Composite Index and Pakistan Stock Exchange PSX (KSE-100). A Case Study of China and Pakistan
Kishwar Ali, Shah Abbas, Sami Ullah

Sistema de Fachada Ventilada: Uma Análise Comparativa de seu Desempenho Térmico Comparada ao Sistema de Fachada Convencional em Obras na Cidade de Manaus-AM
Naianne da Silva Pereira, Charles Rieiro Debrito

Regional Integration and Trade Promotion to Confrontation the Poverty: A Case Study of China with South Asian Countries
Sami Ullah, Kishwar Ali, Shah Abbas

Role of Early Development Trainings in Increasing of Intellect Level of Individuals with Down Syndrome and in Involvement of them to Inclusive Education
Yusifova Anakhanim Amirali, Alekberova Sevinj Amur, Asadova Basti Goshun

Estudo de Viabilidade Técnica da Implantação de Sistema de Drenagem com Utilização de Asfalto Permeável, como Alternativa de Mitigação de Inundações, em Áreas Urbanas de Manaus
Weberter K. Perrone, Willace Lima de Souza

The Investor-State Dispute Settlement Mechanism Emerging From the Leaked Draft of TTIP: A New Shift of Paradigm?
Aysha Jessica Beavers

The Role of Curriculum Development in Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of Industrial Relations in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
Edet, Hayford Solomon

Formal Processes, Political Attitudes and Multiple of Interpersonal Relations in Policy Programmes Implementation in Nigeria: A Contentional Discourse 1980 – 2019
Edet, Hayford Solomon; Ikpeme, Bassey Ballantyne

Pluralism and Effective Decision Making in Nigeria Public Enterprise: A Compatibility Assessment
Edet, Hayford Solomon

Impact of Nursing Leadership Style on Work Commitment and Intention to Stay Among Nurses
Amber Karamat, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Hussain, Syed Amir Gillani

The Monitoring Mechanism of the Implementation of the Code of Judicial Ethics Rules in Albania
Eriol Braimllari

Investigating Difficulties Faced by EFL Students in Using Grammatical Cohesion and coherence in Written Discourse
Mahmoud Ali Ahmed, Elghali Mahmoud Seddaig

Assessment of Air Pollution from the Oil Extraction Industry in Marinza Oilfield in Fieri, Albania
Gavrosh Zela, Jamarber Malltezi, Sulejman Sulce, Aida Bani, Ferdi Brahushi

Exploring the Connection Efficiency of a Single Basic Service Set Wireless Local Area Network Using D-Link DWA 525 N-150 Desktop Adapter and Ruckus 7782 Access Point
Floreto B. Quinito, Jr.

Enlargement of the EU towards the Western Balkans in the light of the Treaty of Lisbon
Nijazi Halili

The Application of ICSID Arbitration in Investor-State Dispute settlement
Mujeeb Rahman Emami, Nadeem Jan

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