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Volume:  VII Issue:  III Of  June,2019
Impact of Age and Social Support on Stress, Anxiety and Self Efficacy among Part Time Education Nursing Students
Motia Ambar, Muhamma Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani

The Applications of Tangent Bundles in Human-Robot Interactions
Abdel Radi Abdel Rahman Abdel Gadir , Ragaa Mohammed Haj Ibrahim , Nedal Hassan Elbadowi Eljaneid

Determine the association of Nurses Leadership Practices with Staff Retention and Practices of Quality Care
Imran, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Hussain, Syed Amir Gillani

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Self-Medication in Rural Community of Lahore, Pakistan
Anita Javed, Iram Majeed, Mohammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani, Sunil Mukhtar

Lipid Profile and Other Risk Factors in Prevalence of Cholelithiasis: A Review
Nida Nazar, Shahida Kareem, Naheeda Jalal, Maryum Dawood, Syed Muhammed Ishaque, Khalid Mehmood

Factors Influencing Nurses’ Attitudes towards Information Technology in Nursing Practice
Maria Joseph, Shafqat Inayat, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal

Inability to Access the Internet and its Effect on Students’ Behavior inside the Computer Laboratory
Floreto B. Quinito, Jr

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Nursing Students about Research with Implementation of Educational Intervention Program
Robina Shaheen, Shafqat Inayat, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices among Nurses in Pakistan towards Diabetic Foot
Zaib Un Nisa, Shafqat Inayat, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal

Nursing Students' Perceptions of Clinical Instructor Behaviors that Affect the Development of Self-Confidence
Saima Munawar, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani

Factors Affecting Changing Jobs of the Labors in Sales in Ho Chi Minh City
Tran Phi Hoang, Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuong, Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh, Nguyen Thi Anh Thu

Factors affecting to the decision to use shopee’s online shopping service: A research in Ho Chi Minh City
Tran Phi Hoang, Chau Vu Nhu Ngoc, Nguyen Thi Anh Hoa, Ngo Thi Tuyet

Projeto de Revitalização para a Praça Gilberto Mestrinho no Bairro Educandos na Cidade de Manaus
ALVES, José Leon Pereira; BRITO, Charles Ribeiro de

Construção Civil e Saúde Pública: Análise Sobre as Obras de Saneamento Básico na Cidade de Manaus-AM
Vitória Nunes Pinheiro, Charles Ribeiro de Brito

Causes of Absenteeism among University Students
Anees Majeed, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani

Attitudes and Perception of Baccalaureate Nursing Students toward Educational Simulation
Kiran Lal Masih, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani

Impermeabilização de obras de arte na construção civil
Rone Pinto Barceló, Edson Andrade Ferreira, Ernani Caldas Mafra

Quality of Nurse Patient Therapeutic Communication and Overall Patient Satisfaction during their Hospitalization Stay
Sayeda Noor Ul Nisa, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani

Communication Strategy in Jakarta Animal Aid Network “Stop Dolphin Circus” Campaign to Increase Public Awareness
Latisha Anintya, M. Megasuryo Firdaus, Sylvia Desianty

Correlation between Corrosion and Ferrite Number of 316L Stainless Steels Deposited on Carbon Steel Aged at 550° C
Amany Nagy Kamel, A. F. Waheed

Evaluation of Brine Shrimp Lethality Bioassay (BSLA) of extract and fractions of Hertia intermedia
Inayatullah, Muhammad Anwar Panezai, Irshad Ali, Jahangir Khan Achakzai, Abdul Manan Kakar, Nazima Yousaf Khan, Ajab Khan Tareen, Atta Ur Rehman, Hakeemullah, Zahoor Agha

Determinants of Late Marriages and its Emotional and Physical Consequences on Females in Tehsil Chakwal
Mehreen Faiza, Muhammad Furqan Mirza

Feminism Representation on Women Leader of Game of Throne Season 6 Serial Television
Raisa Fadhilah, Adinda Amira, Cynthia Gabriella

Benefícios do planejamento e organização de canteiros de obras
Rodrigo Das Chagas Lima, Alrranda Aparecida Alves De Melo, Edson Andrade Ferreira

Aplicação da Metodologia Scrum na Construção Civil
Eduarda Mackcinny Alves Maia, Arthur Vinicius de Brito

Hindrances met by EFL Sudanese Tertiary Students in Listening Comprehension
Yagoub Uthman Mohammed Ahmed Alahjj

Rentabilidade na Atividade de Piscicultura: Estudo de Caso em Cacoal – Ro
Silvana Felix de Oliveira, Cleberson Eller Loose

The Influence of Differences in Sources of Teacher Efficacy Beliefs on Senior High School Economics Teachers’ Efficacy Beliefs
Albert Henry Ntarmah

O Emprego e Reutilização do Gesso em Construção Civil
Paulo Roberto Pereira da Silva, José Roberto de Queiroz Abreu

Dose Estimation and Risk Assessment of Contaminated Biological Waste by Tc-99 in Repository
Amaal A. Tawfik, El-Shanshoury. H

Uso de Elementos não Convencionais na Construção Civil
Adriano Júnior Carioca Pinheiro, Arthur Vinicius De Brito

Examining the factors that affect the Utilization of Information Technology (IT) among Hotels in Ghana
Eric Ohemeng Sarpong, Shao Yun-Fei, Andy Ohemeng Asare, Gideon Boafo Junior, Cephas P.K Coffie

Relationship between Custom Duties and Profitability of Automobile industry: A cross country analysis of 50 countries
Ahmed Mustufa Siddiqui, Danish Ahmed Siddiqui

Common Beta-Thalassemia Mutation and virological study of Beta -thalassemic patients. Review Article
Nazo Rahim, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Akhter Shah, Bakht Zareen Rahim, Sheikh Ahmed

US Policy in Afghanistan, the New Great Game and its Implications on Pakistan
Ambreen Sikander

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