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Volume:  VII Issue:  V Of  August,2019
Financial Structure and Financial Performance of Quoted Non-Financial Service Firms on Nigerian Stock Exchange (1993 – 2015)
Oleka, Dorothy Chioma, Felix Nwaolisa Echekoba, Amalachukwu Chijindu Ananwude, Paschal Chikwado Nwakobi

Pattern of Congenital Muscular Torticollis in Chilaw Provincial Area of Sri Lanka
Helani Anuradha, Prabodha Madhusankha

Design and Simulation of a Solar Refrigerator on Adsorption Principle
Mudathir Abbas Awadelkareeem, Ali Mohammed Hamdan Adam

Improving Procurement through Technology: An Evidence from IT Sector of Pakistan
Uroosa Baig, Muhammad Asim

Marketing Fear: Studying the Impact of Bengali Horror Movie on the Bengali Audience and the Domestic Market
Bappa Maji, Surajit Saha, Ritwij Bhowmik

Improving Supply Chain Performance across the Retail Food Industry of Pakistan
Urooj Feroz, Muhammad Asim

Total productive maintenance, total quality management and operational performance: An empirical study on Pakistan’s manufacturing industry
Maria Siddiqui, Muhammad Asim

An account of the agile literature review approach (ALRA) teaching issues and technique advices of the short-term type
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Occurrence and Distribution of Acute Bronchial Asthma in People Attending Al-Leith General Hospital, Saudi Arabia
Fahad Alfahmi, Mohammed Aljabri, Adel Al Maliki, Saud Almaliki, Mohammed Elawad, Faleh Alyazidi

Sufism Education in Buya Hamka’s Perspective
Moh. Faishol

The Implementation of “GREBEK SAMPAH” Program in Socializing JAKARTA BERSIH 2020
Cindy Aulia, Apriliyanti Astuti, Michelle Patricia Labobar

Overview of Contemporary Women’s Issues in North-Eastern Nigeria
Yunusa Hassan, Deepika Varshney

Conceptual Work of Integrated Marketing Communication to Improve the Brand Awareness and Sales of “Delizea”
Faiz Munif, Mutia Talitha Leilani, Shafira Alisya Putri Maulana

Strategic factors in people management in an educational institution in Brazil
Jean Marc Nacife, Frederico Antônio Loureiro Soares, Vanilda Maria Campos

Semiotics Analysis of Corporate Advertising of Telkomsel “Rumah Indonesia-- Belu, East Nusa Tenggara” Version
Chayenne Lindra Putri, Fitriana Fatma Indah, Rizka Noveranti

Millennials’ Choice of Online Video: Between IGTV and Youtube
Lusiana, Hedyta Pramitasari Notowibowo, Olga Agata

Improve Vocabulary through Watching Videos
Khaled Ali. M. Alikurtehe, Mohan Rathakrishnan, Hariharan A/L N. Krishnasamy

Hepatitis C Virus infection in the Yemen: Mini Review (1993-2018)
Ali Ahmed Alhadheq, Adam Dawoud Abaker, Basher Alofairy

Determinants of Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from China
Atif Jahanger

Extraction, identification and antimicrobial activity of phenolic compounds associated with HPLC in extracts of Teucrium polium wild plant
Muthanna J. Mohammed, Awab Younus

Modelo de Tomada de Decisão: Taxa de Juros do Ponto de Indiferença
Lucas Oliveira Cipriano, Carlos Eduardo Francischetti, Clóvis Luís Padoveze, Vanessa Moraes Rocha De Munno, Osvaldo Elias Farah

Depiction of Women in Chitra B. Divakaruni’s Selected Short Stories
Shivali Khurana, Shivani Vashist

Listening Barriers encountered by Sudanese students at Cambridge International School in Sudan
Yagoub Osman Mohammed Ahmed

Characterization of Renal Function and Morphology in Hypertensive Patients Using Renal scintigraphy
Hossam Gasmalseed, Mohamed E. M. Garalnabi, Othila Abdalaziz, Adil A. Mansour, Mohamed Hasaneen

Identifying Relationship between Supply Chain Management Practices and Supply Chain Performance: An Empirical Evidence from Pakistan Textile Industry
Rimsha Siddiqui, Muhammad Asim

Variability of allergic diseases from pollen grains in the Elbasan region, Albania
Nikoleta Kallajxhiu, Gëzim Kapidani, Silvana Turku, Anxhela Dauti

The outcome of black water fever treated with quinine therapy
Kamal Eldin Ahamed Salih

Naturally Occurring Agrobacterium Radiobacter: A Promising Tool for Biological Management of Crown Gall Disease of Roses
Gitari Judith Murugi, Maingi John Muthini

Parthenium hysterophorus Linn: Soil Seed Bank Analysis and Impact on Agricultural Production in Nyando Sub-County, Kisumu County, Kenya
Dorca Auma Murono, John Otieno Abuto

The Complexity of Language and Conundrum of Medium of Instruction in India
Anis Jahan, Firoz Ahmad

A retrospective study of the evolution in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Where do the bearings stand now?
Yap San Min Nicolas, Lei Fan

Impact of Major Economic Variables on Economic Growth of Pakistan. A Time Series Analysis (1967-2017)
Atif Jahanger

Empirical Study on Service Quality, Corporate Image and Customers’ Acceptance of Islamic Micro Finance in Kano State Nigeria: The Moderating Effect of Religiosity
Surajo Musa Yakubu, Asmadi Mohamed Naim, Rosemaliza Ab Rashid

Left adrenal cyst with calcification: a case report
Nebiyu Elias Tamrat, Baixin Shen, Dhivya Lakshmi Permall, Tewodross Getu Wolde, Sabreen Abdul Rahman Jagessar, Zhongqing Wei

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