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Volume:  VII Issue:  VII Of  October,2019
Syntactic Classification of Gojri Compounds
Badar Zaman, Feng Qi

Sleep quality and body composition assessment in college students
Luciane Ruiz Carmona Ferreira, Gustavo D'Elbox Giraldi Garcia, Oscar Cassavilani, Leandro Pereira de Moura, Kellen Cristina da Cruz Rodrigues

Corrosion Resistance of Reinforced Steel in Concrete with Invingia Gabonensis Exudates / Resins Coated Steel
Nelson Tombra Akari, Charles Kennedy, Charles Esther Nwochigziri

Inhibitory Action of Exudates / Resins Extracts on the Corrosion of Steel Bar Yield Strength in Corrosive Media Embedded in Concrete
Kanee Sorbari, Petaba Lemii Donaldson, Charles Kennedy

Reinforcement Bond Strength Interface Behavior of Corroded and Coated in Concrete Members
Gede Tariebibo Enai, Charles Kennedy, Geofrey Banje

Validation of a GC-MS/MS method for determination of organochlorine pesticides in fish products using ethyl acetate extraction
Ederina Ninga, Ilirjana Boci, Elvira Beli

Plea Agreement, as a Delayed Novelty in Albanian Code of Criminal Procedure
Alfred Balla, Xhulio Doku

Investigating the Effect of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in the Degree of Anxiety Separation among Children Aged 7-12
Javaneh Javdani, Habibollah Naderi

Drug –Drug interaction between Promethazine and Olanzapine induced paralytic ileus
Mohammed E. H. Azoz, Nada M. A. Ibrahim, Salah H. A. Ismaiel, Abearbabikir, Abubakr T.M. Huseen

Impact of Occupational Stress on Physiological Health of Female Teachers of the Quetta City, Pakistan
Naheeda Jalal, Khalid Mehmood, Zahid Mahmood, Ashif Sajjad, Sobia Afridi, Shahida Nida Nazar

Molecular Detection of H. Pylori from Gastric Biopsies of Dyspeptic Patients Attending Endoscopy Center, Gezira State, Sudan
Yosria Mohammed Elsiddig, Alaa Faroge Ibrahim , Roa Osman Elsumani Koko, Omer H. M. Arabi, Mohamed Ibrahim M. Malik, Adam Dawoud Abakar, Khalid Abdelsamea Mohamedahmed

Analysis of Yield Stability in Rainfed Wheat of Pakistan Using GGE Biplot
Mohammad Nawaz, Syed Haider Shah, Jahangir Khan Achakzai, Ahmed Ullah, Sana Ullah, Mohammad Azeem, Tahir Rashid, S.A. Taran

The Moderating Effect of Budget Implementation on Statutory Fund Allocation, Leadership Behaviour, Managerial Accountability in the Provision of Primary Education
Mohammed Usman, Kalthum Bint Haji Hasan

Association between Parametric and Non-Parametric Stability Models in Multi-Location Trials of Pakistan
Mohammad Azeem, Syed Haider Shah, Jahangir Khan Achakzai, Ahmed Ullah, Sana Ullah, Mohammad Nawaz, Tahir Rashid, S.A. Taran

A research note on the agile literature review approach (ALRA)-based dissertation project scoping (ADPS)
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Las unidades fraseológicas en rumano, inglés y español: clasificación léxico – semántica e identificación de interferencias pragmáticas y discursivas
Ana – Maria Birtalan, Daiana – Georgiana Dumbravescu

The Basic Agrochemical Features of Samukh District Soils
Aliyeva A.A., Aliyeva G.A.

Tracking of occurring degradation processes and comparative assessment of winter pasture lands in Azerbaijan
Babayeva Aygun Dilan, Huseynov Afgan Isgander

Avaliação do Desempenho Acústico de Salas de Aula das Faculdades Integradas Einstein de Limeira com Propostas de Aplicação de Materiais Alternativos e de Mercado
Danielle Skubs, Gustavo Hott Lopes Nunes, Julia Outeiro Bortolotti, Juliana Sonego, Victor Jose Dos Santos Baldan

Exchange Rate Variations and Foreign Trade in Nigeria
Nura Sani Yahaya, Sanusi Adamu, Huzaifa Ibrahim

Physicochemical, Biochemical and Microbiological Changes of Sudanese White Soft Cheese (jibna-beida) during Ripening
Seed, A. S.; Babeker, B. E.; Ali, E. A.

The Study on Bilingualism and its Role in Teaching L2 in Pakistan
Muhammad Asif, Deng Zhiyong, Sidra Noreen, Maria Nisar

A Descriptive Study of an Intercultural Approach in English Language Teaching: a Study of Students’ and Teachers’ Perception in Pakistan
Sidra Khursheed, Muhammad Asif

Problem of calculating fluid velocity through porous areas and free area located between two porous areas
M. Saif Al Dien

The Effects of Parenting Styles Academic Self-Efficacy on Academic Achievements of the Post Graduate Level Students of Bahawalpur
Abbas Hussein Abdelrady, Jabeen Bhutto, Asia Iqbal

Factors Affecting Fund Flows in Islamic and Conventional Mutual Funds of Pakistan
Saqib Ahmed, Danish Ahmed Siddiqui

Seroprevalence of Bovine Brucellosis in Albania Dairy Cattle. Impact of Test and Slaughter Strategy in Herd Prevalence
Edi Ferro, Arla Juma, Toni Kiranginski, Robert Connor, Xhelil Koleci

The Effect of Money Supply, Inflation Rate, Exchange Rate, and the Business Cycle on Interest Rate: The Case Study of Indonesia
Agus Salim, Mochammad Ridwan G., Ignatius Abasimi

Application of Interactive Reading Model (IRM) and Lecture Method as a Tool to Secondary School Students’ Performance on Reading Comprehension
B. A. Ogude, J. U. Anekwe

Effects of Pilate’s training on lumbosacral muscles function, lumbar curve and pain
Mehran Beigi Mohammadi, C. Venkatesh

Effect of Corrective Exercises on Core Stability of Men with Lumbar Hyperlordosis Deformity
Mehran Beigi Mohammadi, C. Venkatesh

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