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Volume:  VII Issue:  VIII Of  November,2019
A research note on knowledge-uncertainty-based learning (KUBL), using Total Quality Management (TQM) subject as an example
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

Descriptive Analysis of Household Energy Consumption for Cooking in Rural and Urban Areas of Kano State
Hadiza Nasir Iro, Sadiya Wada Bello, Amina Nasir Iro

Development of Educational Waqf: A Case Study of Palestine
Ra’fat T. Al-Jallad, Mahmood Irshed

T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land: A Portrayal of Modern Predicament
Jahidul Azad

Impact of Positive Emotions on Patient’s Satisfaction
Umm E Aimen, Saima Latif, Humaira Saddique, Ali Waqas

Elementos léxicos y culturales en el AVE Global (nivel A1)
Marius RADOI

An expert analysis of Areal Igarapé: proposal for intervention, as improvement of the conditions of housing infrastructure of families living in london areas, proposing environmental recovery of degraded areas
Marcos Pantoja de Oliveira, Alessandra Dias de Lima, Leonardo Benevides Ferreira de Souza, Wilson Brito e Silva, Dr. David Barbosa de Alencar, Ms. Francisco Carlos Tavares Amorim

Vistoria na implantação, Pista de acesso BR – 174/Sul, Km 482,20 Lote 11, S/N, Chácara Sol Nascente em Boa Vista/RR
FARIAS Astrolino, DAMIÃO Antonio Marcelo Saraiva, DE SOUSA, Irak Pereira, DE OLIVEIRA Leilson Nascimento

Audit work in the interpretation of cultural heritage: a study focused on the municipality of Manaus-AM
Elizabeth Agtha Redman Comap, Patrícia Pereira Izel, Raiara Castro Pantoja, Bruno Nogueira de Souza, Lucas Costa de Miranda, Dr. David Barbosa de Alencar, Ms. Francisco Carlos Tavares Amorim

The Importance of Auditing with the Operationalization of Cost Management in Civil Construction
Antônio Alexandre Ferreira, Franklin de Lima Silva, Silvio Carlos de Souza Lima, Talles Dos Reis Farias, David Barbosa de Alencar

Investigating the Poor Performance of Preparatory Year Program Students' at Imam Saud University in Writing Skills
Yagoub Osman Mohammed Ahmed

Psychological Skills as Predictors of Administrative Competence of Secondary School Principals in Rivers State
Ukwuije, Chinedu Kelechi; O. C. Nwankwo

Evaluation of Plasma Electrolytes (Sodium and Potassium Levels) among Sickle Cell Anemia Patients Attended to Kosti and Rabak Teaching Hospitals, Sudan
Mohammed Fouad Mohammed Abbas, Abazar Mahmoud Ismail Siddig, Mohamed Osman Ali, Abubaker Khalid Alsiddig, Mohamed Elamin Elsafi Ajban

The Effect of Multi Macro-Economic Factors on Stock Market in Bangladesh
Muhammad Rehan

Evaluation between Islamic and Conventional Mutual Fund
Muhammad Rehan

The Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on National Saving
Muhammad Rehan

The Impact of Tax Rate and Leverage on the Firms Value in Pakistan
Muhammad Rehan, Nadia Shakoor

The Effect of Exchange Rate, Remittances Inflow and Inflation on Economic Development of Bangladesh
Muhammad Rehan, Nadia Shakoor

The Effect of Economic Variables on National Saving of Pakistan
Muhammad Rehan, Muhammad Kamran Khan, Arshad Ullah Jadoon

Deterring Export Potential of Pakistan
Nadia Shakoor, Muhammad Rehan

Determination of honey quality of the south region of Albania based on physico-chemical parameters
Elona Shahu, Sonila Shehu, Vlash Mara

The Applicability of the Newcomb-Benford Act in the Process of Controlling the Balance Sheet of Organizations
Carlos Eduardo Francischetti, Ketlyn Lima dos Santos, Thais Larissa Perotti, Adalberto Zorzo, Nelson Luis de Souza Corrêa, Clóvis Luís Padoveze

A Causal Linkage of Working Capital Management and Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Consumer Goods Industry in Rwanda
Mbonigaba Celestin

Information Gathering and Analysis of Pathological Manifestations in the External Area of a Residential Block on Journalists Condominium in Manaus / AM
Fabrício dos Santos Nascimento, Anderson da Silva Lopes, Luiz Carlos da Encarnação Lima, Armênio Sousa da Fonseca, David Barbosa de Alencar

The impact of innovation in boosting agricultural performance of small and medium farmers: The role of managerial competency
Abubakar Mayaki, Prof. Madya Dr. Kadzrina Binti Abdul Kadir, Emy Ezura A. Jalil

The difficulties that Preparatory Year students at University of Hail face when reading online materials
Abeer Abdallah Ebrahim Mohammedzeen, Ahmed Mukhtar Mardi Osman, Muntasir Hassan Mubarak Alhafian

The Online Reading Strategies that Preparatory Year Students at University of Hail / KSA Use for Academic Purposes
Abeer Abdallah Ebrahim Mohammedzeen, Ahmed Mukhtar Mardi Osman, Muntasir Hassan Mubarak Alhafian

Isolation and Identification of Endophytic Fungi and Its Antagonistic Potential against Curvularia sp. in Maize
Andi Iqbal, Nur Amin, Andi Nasruddin

A research note on knowledge-uncertainty-based learning (KUBL), with an example on the subject of Innovation Management
Joseph Kim-Keung Ho

O Espaço Físico de uma Escola Infantil: um Olhar da Gestão para a Acessibilidade
Jander Lucia Oliveira de Almeida, Davi Barbosa de Alencar

Medidas de Proteção contra Acidentes em Altura Numa Obra Vertical na Zona Norte da Cidade de Manaus: um Estudo de Caso
Gilvandre dos Santos Guimarães, David Barbosa de Alencar

Statistical Modeling for Rice Production in Pakistan
M. Asif Masood, Saleem Abid, Ghulam Sadiq Afridi

Motivation in ESL Classrooms, with a focus on the Kurdish Region of Iraq
David Sloan

Assessment the Performance of Biomedical Sciences and Medical Students in Diagnosing and Reporting of Histological/Histopathological Sections
Nusyba Mohamed Ahmed Bushra Mohamed Ahmed, Baraa Isam Elzubier Ali, Mounkaila Noma

Assessment of Fluorescence Polarization Titres as a Prediction Indicator of Which Brucella Spp. Circulate in a Domestic Ruminant Animal Populations
Edi Ferro, Anita Koni, Xhelil Koleci

Children’s press in Albanian language in SR Macedonia (1974-1991)
Kosovar Basha

Foreign Direct Investment in the Kosovo Banking Sector - Their Impact on Employment
Sokol Krasniqi, Ismail Mehmeti, Alberta Tahiri

A Historical Overview of Indo-Pak Conflicts and its Impacts on their Relations
Riaz Ahmad Khan, Hashmat Ullah Khan, Sajid Ali, Muhammad Naeem

Investigating Difficulties Faced by EFL Students in using Lexical Cohesion in Written Discourse
Elghali Mahmoud Seddaig, Mahmoud Ali Ahmed

Investigating Legal Texts Problems Encountered by Sudanese Undergraduate Students in Translation
Al-Tayyeb Shablo, Mouhmod Ali Ahmed

Exploring Sudanese Undergraduates Knowledge in Translating Legal Texts
Al-Tayyeb Shablo, Mahmod Ali Ahmed

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