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Volume:  VII Issue:  X Of  January,2020
An Analysis of the Utility of IT Tools Provided by the Government in Public schools of Tehsil Gojra, Punjab, Pakistan
Farhana Asghar

Role of Modern Teaching Methods for Providing Quality Education at Higher Level
Farhana Khokhar

A simple and effective way of treating dehiscence of big incision caused by severe abdominal infection
Shankara Subramanyam Govindan, Liu Shuang Yue, Liu Zi Jun

China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Security Challenges and Sequence of Processes of Domestic Resistance
Rahat Shah, Shakir Hussain, Asif Rasheed

Terapia cognitivo-comportamental em grupo no desenvolvimento de inteligência emocional: Um relato de experiência
Thalisson Samuel Silva dos Santos, Tainá Conde Pinto, Gabriella Assunção Vieira

Landscape architecture education in Albania – the challenge of having a studio and research-based program
Zydi Teqja, Arlind Dervishaj

Phonetics and Phonology: An Analysis of Effects of Phonological Similarities on Working Memory
Nabila Waheed, Shakeel Ahmad

CDIO - An Educational Framework Innitiative for Undergraduate Programmes Training Improvements: A Feasible and Effective Choice For Ha Tinh University
Hai-Ngoc Tran, Van-Nhan Phan

Feasibility Study of Hydrofoils Implementation in an Emergency Speedboat
Tássia Carolina Forasteiro Pinto, Eliana Brandão da Silva, Diego Bandeira de Melo Akel Thomaz, Arlindo Pires Lopes

The Impact of Tourism on Economic Growth in Kosovo
Alberta Tahiri, Idriz Kovaci, Fari Bushi, Bislim Lekiqi

Segmentation of Market, Its Methods and Market Environment
Idriz Kovaci, Fari Bushi, Alberta Tahiri, Arbresha Meha

Competencies Management for Creating Effective Strategies and Control as Factors for Development of the Municipality of Peja
Fari Bushi, Mimoza Zhubi, Idriz Kovaci, Alberta Tahiri

Pope's An Essay on Man. Man is a Mighty Maze! But Not Without Plan
Eltahir Abdalla Gamar

The Impact of Agro - Tourism on Poverty Reduction and Welfare in the Region of Korça
Aldona Minga, Bitila Zhuli, Dorjan Marku

Management of Secondary School Teachers’ Talent and Qualification Heterogeneity and Effective Administration of Secondary Schools in Rivers State
Victoria Uloma Amadi, U.J. Nwogu

Comparative Effects of Google Classroom and WhatsApp Discussion Strategies on University Students’ Performance in Computer Education
Amadi, Uchechukwu; Nwachukwu, Chioma

A study on barriers in learning the English subject faced by students of public sector secondary schools of Quetta city
Sobia Afridi, Aliya Ayub, Safia Masood, Sadiqa Saud, Shazleen Afridi, Naheeda Jalal

PLLA Synthesis and Membrane Production through Rotary Jet Spinning Process Poly (L-lactic acid) Synthesis and Physico-chemical Analysis
Bárbara Etruri Ciocca, Nahieh Toscano Miranda, Guinea Brasil Camargo Cardoso, Ana Amélia Rodrigues, Ana Flávia Pattaro, André Luiz Jardini Munhoz, Rubens Maciel Filho

Bone and Skin Tissue Engineering based on Cytotoxicity Assays of PLLA Fibrous Mats Synthesized via Centrifugal Spinning
Bárbara Etruri Ciocca, Nahieh Toscano Miranda, Guinea Brasil Camargo Cardoso, Ana Amélia Rodrigues, Ana Flávia Pattaro, André Luiz Jardini Munhoz, Rubens Maciel Filho

Factors Influencing Effective Tax Collection in Informal Sector in Kano State, Nigeria: A Preliminary Study
Usman Sani Kofar Wambai; Chek Bin Derashid; Idawati Bint Ibrahim

Governance Indicators and Export Performance: Evidence from East African Community (EAC)
Abdikarim Bashir Jama, Abdifatah Mohamed Musse

Impact of Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices on Employee Attitudes and Behavior: An Empirical Study on Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh
Gazi Md. Shakhawat Hossain, Saira Fareen, Maruf Hasan

The impact of leader’s emotional intelligence on employee organizational behavior: Mediating role of employee motivation
Fahad Alam, Lai Yifei, Minhal Raza, Kamran Khan

Correlation between Glycated Hemoglobin and Triglyceride Levels in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus at Khartoum State
Hussein Hassan Mohamud Mohamed

Effectiveness of Health Education on Knowledge among Mothers regarding Protein Malnutrition in under Five year Age Group Children in Rural Community
Elishba Waseem, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gillani

Nutritional efficacy of Baobab (Adansonia digitata) Extract as a Substitute for ORS in the Management of Diarrhea in Children under Five in Sinnar State, Sudan
Jehan Mohammed Abdalla Alpasha, Ali Elsayed Ali, Hatim Gindeel Eltahier

High Frequency Regeneration of Arabidopsis thaliana L. from Leaves Callus Cultures
Rasha Fawzi Al-Jirjees, Shifa Mahdi Salih, Mozahim Kasim Al-Mallah

Political instability and FDI inflows in Pakistan: An empirical analysis
Muhammad Naeem, Sajid Ali, Hameed Khan, Hashmat Ullah Khan, Muhammad Abbas Khan

Great Games and Competing Interests of Regional and Extra-regional Players
Sajid Ali, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Fahim Khan

Managing Nursing Brain Drain from Pakistan
Uzma Firdos, Raja Sajjad Asghar, Sadia Ashraf

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