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The Effectiveness of University English Preparatory Program at Ahfad University for Women as perceived by the Students
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Lana Eldsoige Osman Ali, Mahmoud Ali
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Bridge Center
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The paper aims to determine effectiveness of Ahfad University English Preparatory Program to prepare students for their specialization study of university six schools. Stratified sampling techniques used to select 400 hundered students who completed freshman program on academic year (2019-2020) from six schools. Major results: 33.3% of students chosen to study English because they like English, the students faced eight difficulties of learning English in secondary school 40.0% of them mention the problem of Inappropriate Teaching Materials, while 25% indicated Improper Teaching Methods. 56.7%of the students considered the content of the program was difficult .86.7 of the students indicated the content contains of series of exercises and problems that develop different thinking skills .75% of the students see the content of the program suitable to their different specializations. 46.7 of the students indicated the course improved both their speaking and writing skills .90.0% of the students found the UPP helped them to improve the mistake of Pronunciation .Some of the students identified the negative aspects of the program that writing was so difficult because they didn't explain it fair enough, they just give us the task and I had to find a way to write them. The study concluded that Preparatory English course is a solution to low the performance of English language among students of Sudanese universities, equipping students with the necessary academic English skills for their university studies and future professional life.
Keywords :
University English Preparatory Program, Ahfad University for Women

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