European Academic Research ISSN 2286-4822
ISSN-L 2286-4822
Impact Factor: 3.4546 (UIF)
DRJI Value : 5.9 (B+)
Publication Criteria:
Articles are accepted for publication on the understanding that these contain original unpublished work, not submitted for publication anywhere else.
The criteria for an article to be accepted and published are:
  • The article should be written following the “guidelines for manuscript."
  • The article should be written in correlation with its title and abstract.
  • The article should be of interest to the broad community.
  • The article should be original research and scientifically effective.
  • The article content must not be plagiarized.
If these criteria are met, assuming that all the results are correct as stated, then European Academic Research accepts the article for publication. If an article is initially rejected by our journal, but makes an interesting contribution, we offer authors the opportunity to modify the submitted manuscript.
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