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Investigating the Performance of the University Preparatory Year English Program Instructors at Ahfad University for women Sudan
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Lana Eldsoige Osman Ali, Mahmoud Ali
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Bridge Center
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The paper based on interviewing 30 English instructors of university preparatory program at Ahfad University for women. The study aims to investigate the program as perceived by the instructors . Specially examine the problems that often encounter in teaching different four English skills. It also explores attitudes and perceptions of the instructors towards the program. Major results: Most of the instructors are males of young age and part-timers regular appointment, they have an average of eight years experiences of teaching English preparatory year. The problems that encounter teaching different skills analyzed by the instructors as follows, Lack of knowledge of sufficient vocabulary was the main problems facing teaching speaking, individual differences in listening skills and classroom environment are the main problems in teaching listening skill. Reading texts do not interest the students, it contains too many unknown words and finally Students feel stressed when they are given writing assignments. Majority of instructors strongly agreed that participation in teaching have exposed them to many examples of various students. Management of the program and the system of assessment emerged as problems encountered by the instructors. The study concluded that the qualifications, experiences and commitments of instructors play an important role of acquiring skills of English language. Moreover, the analysis of the problems of teaching different English skills can play crucial roles of promoting teaching methods of different skills. It recommended that different kinds of methods and techniques should be tried out to make teaching better.
Keywords :
Teaching English, English Four Skills, English Preparatory Year

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