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Developing specialized thinking for elementary students
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Duong Minh Toi
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Thinking is a highly cognitive process, only humans have. Unlike feeling and perception, thinking is general, which means reflecting on the general and implementing it through concepts. Thinking in general and specialized thinking, in particular, help us understand the laws of the development of things. The thinking process begins with the discovery of the problem that needs to be answered. Thinking is always aimed at solving a specific problem, a specific task. When we tell students to think, we always have to put forth a clear problem and what to think about in order to solve the problem posed. Our research deals with specialized thinking in teaching math for primary school students. We tested the case and obtained feasible and effective results. Research has shown that specialized thinking helps primary school students approach age-appropriate math problems, persevere, and love math more. These students were more active, proactive, and excited about the way of teaching thinking development than with conventional teaching.
Keywords :
Thinking, specialized, elementary school students, characteristics, creative thinking.

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