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Tricobezoar: Relato de Caso Pediátrico
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Alyne Rocha Adeodato Andrade
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Objective: To report on a patient's case. Literature review: The term bezoar is correlated to the accumulation of foreign materials that are not digested in the digestive tract, and are very common to be found in the stomach and parts close to the thin. They are mostly diagnosed in women under the age of thirty. The most common complaints are abdominal pain, episodes of nausea without vomiting, and in many cases the presence of fever. Trichobezoars can be diagnosed by imaging exams associated with the clinic. When diagnosed, they can be removed surgically through laparotomy and gastrostomy. Final considerations: It is important that, in addition to performing the extraction for acute surgical treatment, the psychiatric consultation is extremely important to prevent relapses and the psychiatric consultation and follow-up are essential, especially considering the need to prevent recurrences of the condition or the replacement of trichotillomania with other disorders compulsive substitutes (TAY YK, et al., 2004), even in patients where behavioral problems are not obvious.
Keywords :
Trichobezoar; Bowel obstruction, treatment.

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