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The Impacts on the Fauna and Flora of Igarapé Mindu Realities Told in the City of Manaus – AM
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Michele da Rocha Gomes, Antonio Estanislau Sanches, Edwilson Pordeus Campos, Claudenor de Souza Piedade, Siglianny Carneiro Galvão
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Bridge Center
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In this study whose objective was to evaluate the process of degradation of the fauna and flora of the Mindu stream between two existing stretches in the eastern zone, the need to use the analytical and comparative method as a method of approach in the urban area of Manaus as a focus to understand the reality of the environments, in this study an analytical approach with bibliographic characteristics was carried out. Historical factors that influence the environmental degradation and life characteristics of native species as mechanisms that facilitate or restrict invasion by exotic species were evaluated. They were compared at two points on the stream, where the main environmental characteristics such as; structure, width and depth, biodiversity and natural ecosystem, physical and chemical characteristics of its waters.
Keywords :
Environmental Impact, Biodiversity, Nature, Igarap

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