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Proposed Implementation of Law 11,888: Public Engineering for the Municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, State of Amazonas, Brazil
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Eliton da Silva Monteiro, Siglianny Carneiro Galvão, Kelly Ambrosio Neto, Antonio Estanislau Sanches, Jeanni Alves Nunes Monteiro
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Bridge Center
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This paper discusses the importance of applying Brazilian Law No. 11,888/2008, the public and free technical assistance law, to families with incomes up to 3 minimum wages, in the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, in the interior of Amazonas, revealing a general panorama. With the purpose of disclosing and assisting in the implementation of this legislation,pointing out the existing difficulties and the necessary procedures for the use of public and free technical assistance in this location, due to the precariousness of housing. The municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeirais located in the extreme northwest of the state of Amazonas, in the Alto Rio Negro region, bordering Colombia and Venezuela. The municipality is inhabited by 23 ethnic groups, which account for over 90% of its 45.5 thousand inhabitants. The research was divided into three stages, the first stage consisted of a bibliographic and documentary survey, the second stage the delimitation of the case study, and the third stage the analysis of field research data. Based on the field research, we can identify some problems related to the implementation of the Technical Assistance Law (AT) in the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, such as the lack of structuring of its own sector and technical body for social interest housing (HIS); ignorance of the aforementioned Law; little effectiveness of the instruments that guide the HIS; and specific actions related to TA. In this way, this research may contribute to the development of more dignified and quality housing for indigenous populations, with the possibility of free public engineering in this region.
Keywords :
Technical assistance. Public Engineering. Indigenous population. Housing

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