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Modernization of the Data Transmission System: Assessment of Risks Arising from the Insertion and Maintenance of Fiber Optic Networks in Manaus - AM
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Renato dos Santos Rodrigueis, Aline dos Santos Pedraça, João Almeida Pedraça, Yonny Romaguera Barcelay, Francisco Lúcio Rodrigues de Araújo
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Bridge Center
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The most acceptable condition to obtain an attribute at work is to keep the operators in conditions of safety and health. The work presented here aims to analyze the conditions of activities carried out by telecommunications workers in Manaus, the main condition is to prevent and contain operational risks in the execution and maintenance of fiber optic network installed on public lighting poles. Therefore, it is convenient to consult the regulatory standards applicable to the activity, familiarize yourself with the technical standards adopted by a telecommunications company operating in Manaus. The field inspections were carried out and made it possible to verify in loco the integration of regulatory standards and observations of possible failures. The analysis ranges from the PPE used, such as a parachutist seat belt, conditions of use, and validity. Road signs were also checked, whether distances were being respected, among others. What was found is that in many cases the norms are neglected and not being respected, which leads workers to take unnecessary risks and not measure the real dimension of the danger to which they are subject. It is important to emphasize the requirement to comply with the rules and scale improvements in safety conditions in general, to maintain the health and physical integrity of workers.
Keywords :
Maintenance, modernization, Fiber optics, Operators.

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