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Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Relevant Aspects for Sustainable Solutions
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Renato dos Santos Rodrigueis, Aline dos Santos Pedraça, João Almeida Pedraça, Yonny Romaguera Barcelay, Francisco Lúcio Rodrigues de Araújo
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Bridge Center
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This article shows a conception about the new paths of energy generation, society has evolved and since the burning of fossil fuels, to the scarcity of oil reserves in the world. The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century gave the kick-off for the insertion of technologies and Electric Energy became more abundantly required and the energy matrix was developed to keep up with advances. This study aims to make a bibliographical approach on the relevance of the sustainability of the use of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (ESF), a proposal for an innovative and sustainable energy matrix. The method adopted for the research was the deductive one. The characteristic of the research encompasses three aspects of relevance: it is exploratory research, with a qualitative approach and technical procedures of bibliographic character. At the end of the research, it was observed that technological advances brought with their environmental problems. Environmental policies must be of fundamental importance in developed and developing countries that seek new forms of energy consumption, promoting investments for renewable energy generation, solar energy is a promising source.
Keywords :
Photovoltaic, Renewable Energies, Electricity, Energy Matrix.

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