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Global Gravity Index (IGG) of a Stretch of a Street in the Amazonian Capital
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Endriu Júnior Nunes da Silva, Luiz Mauro Brandolt
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Bridge Center
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The aesthetic and functional evaluation of an asphalt pavement of the flexible pavement type is important for the development of the road's trafficability. The assessments, in Brazil, are regulated by the government agency of the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT), the assessments of the physical and structural conditions of highways, streets and the like, have guidelines for guidelines for construction techniques and assessment techniques. This article, used one of the standards of the agency, to assess the physical condition of a street in the capital of Amazonas, located in the city of Manaus and through the evaluation, it was concluded that the case study section has a very bad traffic quality. and possible causes of the appearance present in pathologies of the flexible pavement type asphalt pavement were suggested.
Keywords :
Pavement, Streets, Manaus City.

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