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Evaluation of Signaled Pedestrian Walkway in the Capital of the Amazonas
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Joel Nascimento de Andrade
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The pedestrian lane's main premise is to generate safety for pedestrians, most lanes do not have traffic lights due to Brazilian traffic code legislation, as the driver must stop in front of a lane, however, this stoppage is often not respected. , requiring the implementation of semaphore. The proposed object is to carry out the calculations of the traffic parameters, in accordance with the Webster model, on one of the main arterials. This is an analysis of some crossings in the city of Manaus, presenting many points of traffic conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles, whose public power option for some of these cases was the adoption of traffic lights. Through the usual traffic engineering models, the objective is to demonstrate if these traffic lights are within the criteria through counting and analysis.
Keywords :
Djalma Batista boulevard, Manaus City, Walkbility.

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