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Variations of Cosmic Ray Intensity to Sunspot Number during Solar Activity Cycle 24
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Achyut Pandey, Rani Ghuratia, Arvind Dhurve
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
To explore the periodic behavior and relationship of sunspot numbers with cosmic ray intensity, we present the analysis from monthly data generated from December 2008 to December 2019 i.e. Solar Cycle 24. Cosmic ray intensity data used in this study are pressure corrected taken from Oulu neutron monitor with one month auto resolution. Sunspot number was obtained from Sunspot Index and Long-term Solar Observations. The cosmic ray intensity indicates that it undergoes the 11-year modulation that mainly depends on the solar activity in the heliosphere. Cosmic ray intensity corrected for frequency and pressure average over solar cycle 24 was 6475.58 counts/min. Statistical analysis confirmed that the cosmic ray intensity correlates negatively with the sunspot numbers, exhibiting an asynchronous phase relationship with a strong negative correlation with correlation coefficient -0.86.
Keywords :
Cosmic ray intensity, Sunspot number, Solar activity cycle, Galactic cosmic rays.

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