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A multidimensional evaluation framework for the regional benefits of publicly supported R&D projects
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Letícia Andrade de Oliveira Brilhante
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Public policies that aim to establish an R&D ecosystem need to contextualize it in a flexible system of network cooperation constituted by the various actors involved in the context such as: industries, government, institutes, universities, partners and other public or private components. To determine its efficiency it is essential to know the degree of cohesion and synergy of its agents, which directly imply the strengthening of competitiveness, products and services, as well as the support and infrastructure of the network as a whole. Establishing measurement criteria and indicators represents a complex task, since R&D activities linked to public support or funding aim at tangible and intangible results, as they also contemplate a social bias established by positive socio-economic externalities. This article is based on empirical studies and from a set ofex-ante R&D assessments, uses a case study of 08 companies in the Manaus Industrial Pole to diagnose possible results (financial and non-financial) and effects about the regional benefits of R&D projects.
Keywords :
Research and Development; Project Evaluation; Regional Policy.

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