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Constructive Errors and Pathologies in Single-Family Homes: A Case Study in Manaus-AM
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Douglas de Souza Evangelista, Erika Cristina Nogueira Marques Pinheiro, Aline dos Santos Pedraça, Luciane Oliveira dos Santos, Antônio Estanislau Sanches
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Bridge Center
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The process of buildings and constructions, in general, does not follow the normative profile, not because of the lack of norms, but for a traditional issue of making the buildings in an artisanal way, this causes a predisposition to errors and consequent problematization of the constructions. The task of regulating these inconsistencies arising from constructive errors is present in the discussion wheels on the quality of services that almost never follows a specified standard. But when these incompatibilities begin to cause harm to people and interfering in health, infrastructure, quality of life and, above all, in the economy since the development of certain pathologies in buildings, decisively affects numerous indicators in residence. For this study, the consolidated information base was consulted in order to raise conditions for discussion about the impacts that are caused by the presence of anomalies resulting from construction errors. In this study, a survey of the conditions of construction and dimensioning of errors was made, for a case study on a single-family residence, with the identification of impact factors and the correlation of the guidelines within the proposal of adequacy and repair of anomalies.
Keywords :
Single-family residence. Constructive Errors. Pathologies.

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