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An Examination of Women Political Participation and Representation in Selected Asian Democracies
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Victor Vincent Okpe, Ayo Oyekola
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
This study assessed women political participation in selected Asian democracies of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Philippines. It is not a comparative study. The essence is to bring to knowledge the state of women political representation in the democracies. To realize the above objective, the study used only secondary resources like journal articles, academic books, and descriptive qualitative method. The Theory of Liberal Democracy was also used to support the analysis to arrive at a reasonable conclusion. From the analysis, findings show that women are politically underrepresented and marginalized in decision-makings and appointments in the democracies. Also, factors like religion, culture, and traditional beliefs, poor family support, education and economic deprivation were observed as responsible. These negative indices do not reflect the doctrine of liberal democratic theory and cannot consolidate democracy in those countries. Based on the findings, therefore, the trend must be addressed to allow women fully enjoy their political rights. The governments must reserve more space for women in the decision-making processes, as well, comply with their constitutional provisions. The doctrine of democratic governance must be seen in practice and more political education promoted amongst the womenfolk to enjoy better representation in government. They should also be supported financially and treated with respect as mothers and managers of future leaders. Finally, as the study contributes to the body of knowledge, it will benefit policymakers, women, and researchers. Similar study can also be replicated in other democracies to consolidate knowledge in this field.
Keywords :
Asia, democracy, political participation, representation, women

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