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Structural Policies and the Role of Accounting Information in the Growth Prospects of SMES in the Comoros
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Fahardine Ali Islam
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Bridge Center
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The objective of this paper is to present the role of economic development to which Small and Medium Enterprises strongly contribute, to the creation of wealth, employment, and social cohesion in the country whatever their level of development. After a new era of activity sectors presented by the company profile in the union of the Comoros, companies with a turnover of less than 5 million CFA francs and those with a turnover between 5 and 50 million CFA francs are in the majority. The Union of the Comoros needs to implement a policy of commitment to SMEs, as the assessment of the context is particularly critical since only 23% of businesses are aware of the existence of a policy to support the development of SMEs, and only 27% are satisfied with the action taken by the government. The companies that are not very satisfied with the government's action represent 59% of the total, ahead of the dissatisfied companies that account for 11% of the SMEs (BO1-BO2). Next, we present the difficulties encountered by SMEs in the Union of the Comoros in terms of financing. According to the study of the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of the Union of Comoros conducted in (2014), 33% of enterprises have access to bank credit, whose beneficiaries are SMEs with 10 to 49 employees (75%), more than 45% of enterprises mentioned that the financing comes from microcredit and 11% from mutual guarantee, and 4% through other channels. The lack of a business plan and the certification of accounts were mentioned as major obstacles to their access to financing.
Keywords :
SMEs: Comoros, policy commitment, financing, growth economy.

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