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The Statut of Women in Islam
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Dr Abderemane Soilihi Djae, Dr Maoulida Ibouroi, Abkaria M’madi
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Bridge Center
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The study of the status of women in the Muslim religion is important because it sheds light on the understanding of some controversial verses. This leads us to an overview of the concept of "Islam and women in relation to its development". In this study, we will see the right of the woman to work, the honorable value of a mother in Islam, her right to education, to inheritance and the duty of the husband towards his wife. In this study, we have found that Islam, when properly practiced and interpreted, has never been a source of social discrimination. The Muslim religion is considered as one of the key factors of social inequalities to the detriment of women, an idea that is difficult to prove.
Keywords :
Women; Islam; Koran; social inequality; development

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