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Gender and Covid 19 in the Comoros
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Abderemane Soilihi Djae
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
Since the beginning of the Pandemic, many people have been complaining about the difficulty of living with the preventive measures against covid-19. The most painful thing in this period is the deprivation of our freedom. Since the beginning of the crisis, without any accompanying measures, women have been the most affected by the measures taken by the authorities such as the closing of borders, curfews, the prohibition of praying in places of worship, the limitation of passengers in public transport, the muscular arrests, often at night, by the forces of law and order, the prohibition of celebrating cultural and religious activities with more than 60 people, among others. The copy-and-paste system adopted by the authorities and the call for international aid are worrying the population.
Keywords :
Covid; Comores; gender; social inequalities

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