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Organic Photovoltaic Cells: The Future of Solar Energy
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Bruno Roseno de Souza Maia, Marcelo Ramon da Silva Nunes, Anselmo Fortunato Ruiz Rodriguez
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Bridge Center
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The technology related to photovoltaic organic cells consists in the use of semiconductor polymers to generate electricity from sunlight. This technology is relatively new, but it has a promising field of development and application. Characteristics such as malleability and lightness guarantee the versatility necessary to replace, in a few years, the current crystalline silicon panels. Currently, the technology is in the process of research and testing to optimize its efficiency and useful life, in addition to the search for materials that can be economically viable for large-scale production. In this context, it is important to spread the word and show the future perspectives of the segment, so that more enthusiasts and researchers become interested in improving the methods of obtaining it.
Keywords :
photovoltaic organic cells, polymers, electrical energy.

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