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Concession Contracts and Public Private Partnership Contracts – Ordinary Contracts or a Legal Body that Lays the Premises of a New Discipline of Law?!
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Elona Bano
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Bridge Center
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History shows that since the beginning of time state formations have been aware of the fact that they have financial resources many times smaller than the needs of society for better infrastructural services. Since two thousand years ago, since the time of the Roman Empire, initial forms of contracts that we know today as concession contracts or public-private partnership contracts were applied. In the Roman Empire, a network of post offices was developed that accompanied the expansion of the Roman legions and was simultaneously associated with the construction of roads in all the provinces of the empire. Post stations located near small communities, near large horse stables, warehouses, workshops, hotels and military garrisons were built and managed by a private partner for an initial period of five years.
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Concession Contracts and Public Private Partnership Contracts

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