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Effectiveness of Interviews as a Tool for Data Collection
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Edward Kwesi Acquah
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Bridge Center
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The study aims to examine the effectiveness of interviews as a tool for data collection in qualitative research. Qualitative research methodology was used for the study after a careful review of literature. The study revealed that in effective interviews, pertinent questions are always asked before objective and factual ones. It was also discovered that to conduct interviews effectively in a comfortable setting, it is essential for the interviewer to let the respondents speak freely and at their own pace while making appropriate comments and asking probing questions as needed. Additionally, the researcher needs to guarantee that the interviewees are at comfortable and not in any danger. The study revealed that iterative data analysis ensures that the researcher constantly refers back to the data they have collected to guarantee that the information is valuable and reliable. The contact between the researcher and the respondent during the interview process allows for iteration while examining the data. The study further revealed that to reduce the chance of bias and improve the rigor of the data, the interviewer must be aware of and take into account these issues. Additionally, the researcher must ensure that the respondents understand the goal of the study, maintain their anonymity, and ensure their confidentiality by keeping their identities a secret.
Keywords :
Interviews, Qualitative Research, Effectiveness, Interviewer, Interviewee, Researcher

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