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Impacts of Urbanization on the Environment and Ecosystem: A Study Involving the Effects of Development and its Solutions
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Ann O. Tibe
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Bridge Center
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Change will always be a part of life. It is an irrefutable law for change to occur, and we humans will always have a desire for such change to happen. Improvements lead to a desire for change, and convenience and the development of our state of life will always occur. Changes would require supplies, with said necessities usually being the natural resources around us. The usage of these resources usually leads to urbanization, which can be described as the population shift between rural and urban areas. The changes that this process has provided have been immense and can be felt across the globe, elevating standards of living, providing profound knowledge, new discoveries, and more inventions that further the experience of living. However, not everything urbanization brings is positive. This research aims to provide a more vivid understanding of how urbanization has affected not just us but also the environment
Keywords :
Change, Environment, Ecosystem, Development, Natural Resources, Urbanization, Urban Growth

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