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Low Cost Compound Parabolic Concentrator for the Photovoltaic System
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Aasma Khaliq, Muhammad Sohail, Muzamil Bokhari and Jafar Khan Kasi
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Bridge Center
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Keeping in view the importance of solar energy in modern physics, the development of solar energy panels has become crucial. This research has attempted to design and develop a compound parabolic concentrator for the commercial use which will be low in cost. The compound parabolic concentrators are used with fewer solar panels, which makes them economical. This research demonstrates a PV panel with a compound parabolic concentrator. The analysis of the performance of the PV system with concentrator shows that the power increases two times when compound parabolic concentrator is used for the purpose. Somehow, as the temperature of the panel rises, the output power decreases. To control the rise in temperature, a cooling system was designed which was mounted at the back of the panel. The output power with and without a cooling system was recorded and it was concluded that a substantial increase in output power can be obtained by using the concentrator and the cooling system.
Keywords :
Low Cost Compound Parabolic Concentrator, Photovoltaic System

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