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Influence of herbicides and seed rates on growth and yield for bread wheat and associated weed
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Ammar Salah Al-jaddir, Salim H. Antar
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Bridge Center
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Abstract :
The experiment was carried out in season (2022-2023) in Nineveh Governorate at two locations, first location was in Al-Hamdaniya District, (Al-Nimrud), and the second location was in Talkif District, (Talkif). The experiment included two factors: first factor was chemical herbicides (Navigator, Timeline Trio) at the recommended concentrations, in addition to the control treatment (weedy) and the second factor was seeding rates (140, and 160 kg. ha-1). The seeds were planted on (22 and 25 /11//2022) for both locations respectively, using the wheat variety (Babel 113), approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. The experiment was applied as factorial experiment using a split-block experimental design, with complete randomization of treatments (RCBD), with three replicates. Where the main plots included chemical herbicides, while the sub-plots included seeding rates. The results showed that herbicides were surpassed in reducing the number of narrow and broad-leaves weeds and their dry weights over the unweeded treatment in both locations, Furthermore, the herbicide "Timeline Trio" surpassed on the herbicide "Tarzek" in terms of grain yield, reaching (558.333 g. m-²) in (Al-Nimrud) location, while in (Talkif) location surpassed on the herbicide "Tarzek" in trait of grain yield, reaching (334.467 g. m-²), comparison the weedy treatment recorded the lowest yield, reaching (306.667 and 191.492 g .m-²) for both locations respectively. The seeding rate of (40 kg. ha-1) surpassed on the seeding rate of (35 kg. ha-1) in reducing the number and dry weights of narrow and broad-leaves weeds, which positively reflected on the increase in yield for both locations.
Keywords :
Wheat, weed control, Herbicides, Seeding rates, Tarzek, Timeline Trio.

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